Stash Bash – Nursing cover

I’ve never met a crafter without a stash of some kind. This year my goal is to use up all the craft supplies I have spent money on that are taking up mental and physical space in my life.  Join me here every Thursday for a Stash Bash.    

Yikes!!  I blogged this very early in the morning and in my sleepy stupor I thought I pressed publish.  I am just taking a lunch break from lessons with the kids and of course wanted to check on the projects posted this week only to discover that I did not press publish.  Doh!!  So sorry to anyone who checked in or tried to play along today.  On to my project for today.

I have nursed all of my babies and it is quite the common occurance around here to see Momma nursing a baby while, cooking or watching a movie or outside under a tree however, out of modesty I do my best to cover up well while out in public.  Well, with Matthew, who is a greedy nurser and moves his hands around and grabs at Momma and the blanket covering him, it becomes rather difficult to stay under wraps.

I whipped up this cover in a jif with of course fabric from my stash and a piece of boning I rescued from a hoop skirt I botched a few years ago.  The fabric is kind of girly but I figured it is going on me too so I don’t care!  

The boning in the neck makes it easy for baby and I peek at each other while keeping him covered from everyone else. When we took this pic of course my model was asleep so Livie offered another almost as cute.  Now whenever the little one see me nursing the baby they get excited and run to get my cover : )  

So what have you been up to? I love to see what you come up with. I have added the Mr Linky to the bottom of this post for you to link up your Stash Bash projects.

Here’s what to do. There are no rules. 
Just use what you have and try to not buy new supplies, unless you need it to complete a project that you are making from stuff you already have in your stash. 
Take a 

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