on the feast of Saint Nick

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Saint Nicholas.  A wonderful man.  A feast day which usually catches me off guard and I am thrown into last minute crafting, fast and furious style.  This year is an exception.   I was not up until the wee hours of the morning as I have been in past years here and here are a few.  A few online purchases and really just one handmade gift and I was done.  Chocolate coins in shoes and we were golden.

Mateo got a new pair of mama made slippers (I use no pattern,  I just based it off how I make my Mary Janes which I designed and so I just winged it)  His feet will be warm and that makes me happy.   A few fabritac squiggles have been added to the bottoms so he doesn’t slip.  It works.  He also received a train whistle which everyone has been only too happy to try out for him.  His love of train seemed incomplete without the toot toot from the whistle and he has a few volunteer train conducters who blow the whistle for him as he instructs.  He however, will not try to blow it himself yet and with all these helpers this little boy of mine has decided that he doesn’t need to.

I don’t usually like store bought gifts for this day, its not our tradition but this year everyone received a pack of playing cards according to their interest or style.  We have always loved playing cards.  We will all drop whatever we are doing if there is a good enough game or tournament to engage in.  If you know your numbers, you are invited to a no mercy, drag em out card game.  Our favorites are gin rummy, Garbage (this game was taught to us by nuns) and Kings to the Corner.  Of course Poppa loves Poker and we all try to work on our poker faces to play with him.

I did add a Saint Nick doll to our tradition this year.   I have finally decided to make for us all the lovelies I have made for others people over the years.   Creating these items for my own family is a major goal of mine and this year I will be concentrating on creating more beauty for us.    The little ones really like the little Saint Nicholas and dare I say I do too though I can see where he could be so much cuter and that is my perfectionism rearing its head.  Perfectionism, is not my friend.  I am learning to leave it out of my creative time and just try to appreciate whatever I end up with.  I am also working finally on making our painted nativity and hopefully it will be done by Gaudete Sunday (oh boy I better really knuckle down here).

I must share with you that our advent rhythm of saying the Saint Andrew novena at night with the kids has been so much sweeter with our new nativity spiral.  It sounds angelic and almost like a chant with all of us saying the novena out loud in unison.  Truly magical I tell you.  It’s almost as if we all just float off to bed, light as a feather.

I am almost finished with my first ever newsletter.  It is chock full of great and fast gifts for friends, loved ones and anyone on your list.  So excited to start sharing this monthly and I need to figure out how to add a signup button somewhere here.

What have you been creating?  What do your celebrations look like?  I do hope yours was wonderful.

3 Responses to on the feast of Saint Nick

  1. Arthur Lewis May 22, 2017 at 7:24 pm #

    Amazing thoughts shared in this post.

  2. Sharron December 9, 2015 at 4:02 am #

    I think your St. Nicholas is awesome! I wish I could paint like that. And I love the playing cards idea too. I’m hoping to make a couple of things, but I don’t have much privacy to keep things secret. I’m hoping my husband can take the girls out for me to be able to get some pajama sewing done. I’m no good after bedtime, too many mistakes!

  3. Peggy December 8, 2015 at 9:10 pm #

    good to hear from you again.
    I am reminiscing over my years with young children. Our youngest is 12 now and his age really changes our celebrations. I am finding it hard to do the traditions of our past. I totally missed St. Nicks feast.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

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