Knitting on baby time

Life is not easy when you are in love with a two month old insomniac, no it isn’t but when they come in a super cute package complete with dimpled cheeks and a million dollar toothless smile, you cope!

This is only compounded by the realization that Christmas is right around the corner (you didn’t realize it either?) and your Christmas present making list is longer than your attention span.  I also just found out that my Momma (who rarely reads this blog) is leaving to NYC for Christmas and while I am sad for me I am so happy for her. (MOM, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, STOP NOW) After all, how could I not be happy for her to go home.  I realized that I just lost another 2 weeks of working time since her gift needs to be mailed to her for her to be able to use it.

After going through my entire list of Ravelry inspiration I decided that as usual *because knitting patterns still kinda scare me* I will just make something up myself.  If you were reading this blog lately, you might have caught my confession of breaking my Stash challenge and buying new yarn.  Am I regretful?  Um, no!  I love this hand dyed yarn and I can stop anytime I want to.

I am almost done with the hat and the scarf needs to be stretched open and blocked and I need to put buttons on it.  Oh, did I forget to tell you that the scarf buttons around your neck?  Yes, it does so I need to add those buttons.

I am hoping to share the pattern if anyone likes the finished product but I need to figure out how to write out a knitting pattern since I am so used to writing crochet patterns and they are totally different.  Next on my list, something for my Daddy.  Hmm maybe something matchy but not girly?

so, I will enjoy my baby and hopefully make lots of progress but mostly just enjoy the baby.  This by the way, is my favorite way to knit right now.

I hope to see some of you tomorrow here for my Stash Bash.  Hopefully you did not fall off the wagon also but if you did I would love to see what you just couldn’t pass up.

Playing along with Nicole and Ginny again this week.

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