horses and dreams

I have two horse lovers.  I don’t know where it came from.  Yes, they have lived on a farm since very young but we have never had a horse.  We have had cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, guinea hens, rabbits and many dogs but horse, no.  In the past year the horse obsession has gotten quite bad.  Every book, every drawing, every item they create is about horses.  They love horses, those girls of mine.

They have asked for horse riding lessons for years but the cost has always been prohibitive.  With schooling, food and house payments, it is quite hard to squeeze out monies for expensive horse riding lessons.  Those are the things I plan for some day.  A someday that is never very close.   And then one day the opportunity came looking for us right at home.

I was sitting on the couch with a friend who was visiting while her daughter took lessons just down the street from us.  Horse riding lessons.  I dared to ask how much the classes were and then filed that info away in my momma brain for just in case.  It just so happens that fate is a friend because during Grandma Yoli’s visit, she mentioned that she would want to help with some of the fees if we ever found a good place to take lessons and just one week later these horse loving girls of mine had a dream come true.  A dream also made possible by a little business I have been working at and still have not shared with any of you.  Soon, I promise.

Not much has been said at the dinner table, that does not have something to do with horses as of late.  They live for Tuesday so they can go to the farm and brush, feed and ride their new found companions.  It is a bit scary for this momma who can be a bit over protective, to see her girls up on a horse so very high that they could easily put their boots on my head or shoulders.  I try to breath and trust.  Trust that their guardian angels are watching over them.  Letting them revel in their new dream come true.

At bedtime on those nights, I check on them after they have fallen asleep and I see a new look on their sweet faces.  The look of happiness.  Happiness brought to them by horses and dreams.

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these days…. beginning of summer

IMG_9698 IMG_1980 IMG_1981 IMG_1985 IMG_2151 IMG_2166 IMG_2264 IMG_2268 IMG_9335 IMG_9338 IMG_9367 IMG_9591 IMG_9596 IMG_9646 IMG_9647 IMG_9648 IMG_9650 IMG_9653 IMG_9687These days we:

Are snuggling little boys who seem to be growing just so fast

Doing lots and lots of quick meatless meals (summer meals are better when you can make them simple)

Taking time away from lessons to do some crafting, run amuck outside and just breath in the summer air

Farm sitting for friends who had not had a vacation in a few years due to no one to leave in charge of their farm.  Boy, is it good to be on a farm again!  Baby goats nibbling the bottom of your skirt, chickens running about everywhere with their trusty guardians nearby, the hay and feed.  Oh dear, I am missing my farm.

Had a few painting afternoons with the girls.  So much fun to be had with paint and a blank canvas.  Just paint away

Picking strawberries every morning in our patch and starting to bring in the raspberry harvest (our very first ever)

Celebrating birthdays and eating Eddie’s signature birthday cake (each of my kids have one, did you know that?) strawberry shortcake.  Definitely one the easier cakes I make for them.

Finally feeling back in the swing of things, regularly making yogurt and kefir again.  Trying to add breadbaking to our rhythm more often than just a few times a month.  Slowly but surely!

So what have you been up to?

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