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This summer we had a beautiful gift.  A grand surprise, literally.  Well I wouldn’t say it was a surprise but I hope it is to you.  Mid July we were blessed with a second grandson.  Sebastian Gerard.  He is precious in every sense of the word.

Of course there were logistics.  There always are but this time, being that I am in another state, there were serious logistics.  When to arrive?  Should I go alone?  Drive? Fly? (oh dear you do not want to see me on a plane) How long can I leave Poppa with this crew of ours?  After much thought I arrived the day she went home from the hospital.  She, as in the beauitful creature that God blessed me with 23 years ago.  She who has given us now 2 grandsons.

So plans were made and remade. Time to go back home.  A plane got me there (and lots of essential oils to keep me from jumping on the lap of the person next to me on the plane).  Lewis picked me up and I arrived back home to meet this little person I had been praying for all these 9 months.

It was a divine stay.  All of 2 weeks.  Two weeks away from home, away from my babies, away from Mateo.  Phone calls every few hours informed me of their every move.  Sweet little voices reminded me that I could not stay here with these grandchildren of mine.  But while I was there, I did my best to be fully there.  To be a help and not a burden.  To absorb time with my oldest baby and her babies.  To kiss Lewie and read him books.  To hear his laugh (oh what a laugh) and spend time with him like never before since he usually prefers his aunts and uncles to me.

And this new little person who is now forever a part of my heart.  Bass.  What a cutie.  Red hair.  Grandbaby number two.  Chunky from the very beginning and sweet tempered. He has his mother bewitched in every sense.

The best part of the whole trip was getting to spend a whole week with my son in law Lewis.  Boy am I blessed.  He is just everything we ever prayed for and such a good father.  Blessed  I tell ya.  He made breakfast daily and I made lunch and dinner.  We watched movies, talked and of course played with babies.  I can’t think of a better time really.

The days went by and my heart felt so pulled to be back with my babies waiting at home.  Now that I am home, my heart pulls to be with Lewie and Bass.  Updates every few days as well as pictures keep us in the loop from so many miles away and a promise that we will always find a way to be together again. Very soon to be with our wonderful someones.

*Note*  I love these pics with Lewie but I really do not ever like seeing myself in pics so I step out of my comfort zone to post them here.  Ignore the silver strands in my hair.  I earned them and I am OK with them.

IMG_8278copy Bass4 Bass3 Bass Bass1 Bass2 IMG_6927 IMG_6932 IMG_6933 IMG_6938 IMG_6942 IMG_6944 IMG_6945 IMG_6952

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where he spent his summer

Babyhood is fleeting. Oh how I know this so well.  Lately, everytime I look at Mateo, he looks bigger.  He knows more and he wants to be with his momma less.  He is of course, a boy and of this boy of mine how he pulls at my heart strings.  This week he has told me in no uncertain terms that I am not to kiss his sweet baby cheeks so many times in a row.  Bounderies must be set it seems.  He has much to do you see.  There are rocks to throw and chickens to catch, dirt to play in and of course he must try to interrupt every game that happens without him.

I am not alone, oh no… I am not.  Everyone here is smitten with him.  Just as smitten as they were the day they met him only now he does these funny little things which make us laugh so much.  He is our little clown.  At the dinner table, we all try to keep a straight face while we say the meal prayer because his sign of the cross looks so much more like a catcher  sending signals to the pitcher.  He is busy all day.

The one exception is on my back.  No matter what he is into, if I get the carrier, he will come.  I must admit that its my favorite way to spend time with him.  The smell of his sweet baby hair and those precious little hands of his, they just undo me.  While he is on my back he will play with his mommas hair, run his hands on my arms and just enjoy being close.  I get dinner accomplished with Mateo on my back.  That is his most irritable time of day and it keeps him out of trouble and he is seeing me do my work, the work I do for my family.  We have hiked, we have picked blueberries, attended town functions, spent countless hours at parks, farmers markets, stores, soccer games and all the while I have gotten to have him so close.

I know someday soon he will not be there and I do not look forward to it.  For today, I am enjoying having this little guy along for the ride for I know there will be a last time.  I don’t remember the last time with my other babies but there was a last time and I will continue to carry him as long as he wants me to.

This summer was busy.  Oh so busy.  In the best ways, in the hardest ways, in the most memorable ways.  I don’t want to bombared it all into one post so I leave you until tomorrow.  I have something very special to share with you.  If we are friends on FB then you have already know this all summer but if not then I will see you then.

IMG_5951 IMG_5952 IMG_5956 IMG_6471 IMG_6477 IMG_6484 IMG_6489 IMG_6701 IMG_6742 IMG_6807 11910810_10153128032073100_966537549_n 11933087_10153128032078100_473784712_n 11935722_10153128032068100_619815755_n 11923431_10153128032063100_277024786_n IMG_6850


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