and then this happened. a special Easter visitor

Growing up with animals, big and small, our children are very used to it and very comfortable with them.  There are some animals which we are mystified with.  Dear being one of them.  They are masters of not being seen in our woods.  I often have questions about them.  Where do they go when storms come,  where do they have their babies?  What do they eat when they are not stealing nibblets from my garden.  I see them as these mysterious beautiful creatures out there who do not need me to live.  At the same time I see them as the thieves who uproots my veggies, eat my strawberries and cause mischief.  I also see them as a meat source and so I guess I have a complex relationship with them.

This Sunday, just as I was finishing hiding the Easter eggs for the hunt.  I looked up and saw a small doe about 15 feet from where I was walking and it looked at me but did not run.  Weird!  Usually, it is enough for them to see my face in a window for them to run as fast as they can.  Eddie was helping me hide the eggs and he was a bit closer than I was so I told him to see if he could get any closer.  Slowly but surely, he did climb down to where it was and then the most amazing thing happened…  It came right up to him and sniffed his hand.

By this time, Nick had come from hiding eggs in the front yard and I asked him to go and get some organic popcorn.  It is all I could think to feed it and entice this doe to stay long enough for the rest of my family to witness this.  Surely if they did not see it, they would not believe us.

I went and got everyone who was inside where they could not see us hiding the eggs.  I was sure that this little doe would not stay with 8 children around but it did.  She did not like the girls for some reason.  I figured it was their flowy dresses so I told them to pick up their skirt and bunch them up so they wouldn’t flow around and then suddenly, they were acceptable to our visitor.  Everyone got to touch her and later on that day, she came back as we were playing in the front yard, looking for us.  We have named her Claire.  Saint Francis loved dear and so we named her Claire in his honor as well as that of Saint Claire.

What a wonderful little visitor.  I hope she stays close by though I will have to figure out how to keep her out of our greens.  So continues my  complex relationship but this time with a bit of personal perspective.

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One Year Later… Easter on our homestead

Well actually, its been 2 years since I posted our Easter picture.  Best laid plans of sharing these pics on Sunday were laid to the side for life to happen.  We had quite a beautiful day on Sunday.  On Monday, we were invited to spend the day with one of our favorite families.   Easter mass was beautiful and quite a bit earlier than we are used to.  Somehow we all made it there on time with some time to spare and a whole empty row for our family.  We can still fit in one row if we don’t mind the no elbow room factor.

The sewing room this week has been over taken by aprons, dresses that needed to be altered as well as Livie’s dress which we remade from a big girls to match her sisters.  She was very excited to have a big girls dress.  Of course, I always have to leave something for the last minute so in regular fashion, I was up way past the last hours of lent to make some last minute Bag-skets for everyone to use instead of a basket this year.  Mateo has his full of flowers, twigs, eggs and every rock he found outside.  I even lost my mind and made the boys bags from comic fabric.  (did you know that I loathe all character  images so my children have never had any clothing, bedsheets or anything else like this).  They are very, very excited which makes me feel as though I have robbed them of a bit of fun over the years.

We came home to take the traditional Easter pics.  We have always done it in front of our favorite tree which of couse is not here.  Last year, it was too much for me to even think about with all that happened around that time and so last year, we only have a few pics taken by Poppa which were do washed out by the sun in the kids faces that I never posted them.  This year, we continue our tradition under a new favorite tree.

The girls and I then retreated to our kitchen sanctuary to cook 10 different foods, it was quite the feast.  Olivia received a new apron and has really not missed an opportunity to use it since.  After dinner, Nick and I hid all the eggs and we spent the next few hours outside watching everyone hunt and just enjoying the beautiful weather.  The chickens seemed to find quite a few eggs themselves and then we had the most amazing visitor from the woods.  I will devote a post to it tomorrow.  We are still in awe and amazement so come back tomorrow to find out who it is.

Click here, here and here to see our Easter portraits from years past.

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