in preparation for advent

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The past few weeks around here have been a blur.  We have put everything to bed for the winter, garden is mulched and ready to sleep in the hopes of no weeds and easier prep time in the winter.  All the meat chickens are at freezer camp and we have another freezer full of deer meat given to us by our neighbors from right in our woods.  It is a good feeling I tell ya.  Good.  We are turning our attention to being inside and I am having more time to be on this computer and pull out some projects that have been waiting for my attention.

Fall has been so beautiful and I fear that I did not get one picture of it though I have not really looked through my camera and likely did.  Our woods are looking very different these days and its my favorite time to be there.  The leaves have all fallen and visibility goes way back into the woods.  The vines and brambles that kept us out all summer are gone and we can now walk anywhere back there and not just on the paths.  It has made for very entertaining hours these past few weeks.  We are soaking in every minute before Old Man Winter is upon us and we have to retreat inside.

We spent yesterday creating an advent spiral from materials we have right here (why not use what we have right?) and dipping candles to mark every night.  I fished out my candle wicks (and remembered the elderly lady who gifted it to me so long ago).  I will hopefully have the spiral finished up just in time to start the countdown tomorrow.  I haven’t painted one of my little people in years (do you remember those?)  and want to paint the Blessed Mother to go along with the candles each day.  So much to do.

Thanksgiving was nice.  Very relaxed.  So much in fact, that the turkey didn’t even go into the oven until 1 in the afternoon and we had quite a late dinner but fun and so much laughter.  I do prefer that to overly complicated celebrations with timelines.

I am going to miss the pumpkin spice essential oils blend that we have been mixing up here lately but the kids want some Christmas smells now so its time to break out the piney ones.  We also have a handful of small pumpkins that I need to turn into some kind of food and no idea if the ones sold at the stores for ornaments are flavorful.  Luckily, the big pumpkins on the porch were completely eaten by the chickens.  The day after halloween I saw them pecking at it and by the next day, two huge pumpkins were nothing but stalks.  Those chickens are great eating machines.  They have found the last source of wild berries outside and I find them perched up in that bush eating berries while the biggest girls, too big to get up off the ground really, wait for any to fall.  I am looking forward to those berries being gone though since I am sure those berries are causing our egg yolks to taste a bit off.

Today I will complete the spiral and the candles are hanging, waiting to be trimmed.  Tomorrow we start December and I need to get my gift list going.  What are you making this year for presents?  I can’t wait to hear.  I have been receiving lists from my little ones and everytime one of the big ones tells me of another request, I remind them to commit it to a list.  On paper.  Because momma brain.

Mateo has really taken to using his imagination and so now I must help him go and catch that swordfish, with his butterfly net that is living in our playroom.  See you a bit later.


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first date

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IMG_7433IMG_7437IMG_7452Thursday,  a special thing happened here.   A first date.   A few weeks ago we were reminiscing on the girls as babies, toddlers and every other stage and the realization that their days of girlhood are so short and precious and we came up with a plan.  A plan to do something special that they will remember.   We know now from experience how short our time with our children really is and we don’t want to waste any of that time.

So Poppa asked Erica if she would go to dinner with him.  The date was set and he made a plan.  The day of, the girls spent quite a bit of time getting the perfect dress picked out and hair done, the perfect earrings and shoes chosen.  She had no clue where she was going to go but her date with her poppa was the topic of the day.  At 6 pm, the doorbell rang and there he was with flowers in his hands and a box of chocolates for his sweet girl.  The boys got into the action by giving their father all the usual warnings one would expect before a date.  Be on time bringing her back.  Wear your seat belt etc.  We all got a good laugh and then Erica and Poppa left.

During their date, Poppa did all the gentlemen things he has always done for me.  He opened her car door, pulled her chair and all the other things that I hope she will expect from her special someone some day.  They talked and laughed and ate really good food.  The evening was complete with a drive and walk in the park.  He did get her home on time as promised and her brothers were waiting just like they said they would.

In the days that have followed, that date has been spoken of so many times.  My hope in this is that she will always remember that her poppa did this for her.  My daddy is the most amazing man.  Truly.  When I met Poppa there were so many things in him that reminded me of my daddy and I knew he would be a good husband.  My hope and prayers have always been that he will be as good a father  to our children and he has never disappointed me in that respect.  His relationship with his girls is so precious.  I think sometimes its a tight rope act where he is making up the next move as it happens but he makes it all look as though it was part of the plan because in the end, this is all part of Gods plan and we just try not to get in the way.

Veronica and Olivia are now waiting for their turns and Poppa is once again making plans.  Perhaps though, I will steal him for myself while he makes those plans and talk has come up of Momma going out to dinner with each of the boys soon.

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