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Snow cream – our snowy day ice cream recipe

Snowcream Snow Ice CreamAs promised in yesterdays post (and to preserve this recipe where we can always find it… I would probably have lost so many of my recipes if they weren’t shared here) here is my super easy way of making a snow day even better, or just better if you aren’t a fan of snow or winter.  As always, I prefer to find the easiest way of doing things and this recipe does just that.  No mixing.  Just scoop clean snow, add toppings and get your smile on

What you need:

Clean snow (we put out our big metal bowl and when its full, its time to me snow cream.

Organic sweetened condensed milk

Frozen or fresh raspberries, blueberries or strawberries (on this day I used raspberries)


What to do with your ingredients:

Put a cup of berries in the blender and puree, add honey to sweeten.  I add about a tablespoon.  Scoop snow into your ice cream bowls and pour the condensed milk over it.  Drizzle the berry puree over the top and you are done.  Grab a spoon and enjoy.

There are so many things you can add to make this snowcream in different flavors.  You could add cocoa powder to the condensed milk before pouring it over your ice cream.  Vanilla is a great addition, caramel sauce, any kind of fruit, sprinkles, bits of crushed candy bars or even syrup like you would use for a snow cone.  Just know that it doesn’t hold up very well so you have to eat it up fast.  If you need to keep it cold somewhere, your best bet is back outside well covered if its still cold enough outside.  I have not had luck with keeping it in the freezer.

See you here tomorrow for some Easterfun!

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DIY Dish soap that works and bubbles

It’s been so long since I shared a recipe here hasn’t it?  We still make all of your own everything and I am constantly improving and tweaking them but dish soap (I’m talking the kind you use to hand wash, we don’t do the dishwasher thing) alluded me for years.  I created dozens of concoctions, tried whatever recipe I found on the internet if it looked promising, oh I am such a sucker for a pretty picture, but they all ended up being not as good as organic store bought dish soap.   Then last spring I spent a day just mixing in the kitchen and I read an article about Sal Suds,  a product made by Dr Bronners which is a detergent not a soap and people were using it to make laundry detergent.   A few hours down a rabbit hole to research why it has SLS in it,  what kind and why this one would be safer than the SLS I have stayed away from for years and in the end,  I felt safe putting it in my dish soap and I trust Dr Bronners.  You may go down your own rabbit holes to see for yourself.  And now onto my dish soap recipe!

We have used this spring now and I love it.  It works and makes so many bubbles which make me happy (I know bubbles don’t mean clean but when I am washing dishes I will pay big money for organic soap that makes bubbles) and it smells so amazing!!  I switch up the oils I add depending on the season.  Right now I am doing lemon and basil and oh mylanta it smells wonderful.  During the holidays I added Thieves and pine to it and I’m telling you, dishes are a breeze.

Farmish Momma’s Dishsoap

1 c Sals Suds

1 c water

1 tbsp Thieves cleaner

1 tbsp baking soda

10 drops lemon essential oil

Mix the Sals Suds and water in a bowl,  add the Thieves cleaner and baking soda and stir it up (I use a whisk).  Finally add your essential oils.  If it gets too thick, add more water.  I love how thick this turns out.  It sticks to the dishcloth and stays put instead of running down the drain.

So there you have it.  Enjoy it and I would love to hear how you like it.

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