Thankful preparations

So much to do before Thursday.  I woke up too early this morning and could not get the list of things to accomplish out of my head.  I love, love, love holidays.  Something about special days with family that makes me happy.  I always end up with very long lists which stress me out but honestly its the kind of stress that makes me tick.

It seems that this house has not had a good once over in the cleaning department since the wedding.  I have been too busy being in love with baby Matthew and teaching my children to really give a darn and it is now showing. (I will be posting the wedding pics on Saturday this week, sorry for the long wait).

When Poppa told me that he had no undershirts I shrugged it off because I knew there was still a pile of shirts folded in the closet but yesterday when he proclaimed (in a nice manner) that he was going to have to buy socks, I decided to snap out of it and get this house back in order.

Today we have stripped all beds and washed all the sheets, towels and shower curtains.  All windows are being cleaned and every room is being given special attention.  The porch is being scrubbed of chicken poops and the mulch that gets thrown everywhere by our feathered girls, which the chickens have made into a sport, is getting replaced.

There is much to do before Thursday.  All the corn we bought at our fall trip to the cornfiled needs to be shucked and put up in the freezer..  Cranberry breads and cranberry merlot jam is waiting to be made.  On the sewing list are new napkins for our Thanksgiving table and perhaps some new fall themed skirts for the girls.

All the floors are being swept, scrubbed and mopped.  Oh Dear,  Is that my veggie scrubber they are using??

The piano needs a good polish.  I realized we are out of polish so time to make more.  I love homemade polish, it works so nicely.  It still needs to be buffed in but the piano is looking happy.

and as we all scuttle about, a baby is cozy in his handknits (er crocheted) technicolored longies.
See you tomorrow.  I hope your preparations go as you have planned.

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