Brothers to the rescue

Many people comment on the size of our family and I have heard more than once how my home must be a place full of bickering children.  I have also heard that perhaps my children would be happier if they had less siblings because of course I could not possibly love them all enough.  The fun part is seeing those people visit our home to realize how much our children love and need each other.  Normal children that they are, there are moments where everyone wants their own rooms and need some time alone but for the most part, they love each other to pieces.

Case in point.  I am cleaning the dust bunnies off the ceiling fans downstairs when my little Christopher and Olivia come rushing in excitedly screaming that someone is stuck in a tree.  I run out being led by my two little ones to the oak tree that is over our trampoline.  Sure enough, JP is stuck in the tree frozen with fear.  He is sitting on the very branch that everyone jumps off of into the trampoline.

Everyone is on the trampoline trying to coax him out of the tree but he is not listening to anyone.  Before you say or even think it, I am a terrible mother because firstly I am laughing at my sons misfortune knowing that he has jumped off that limb so many times and is not really in any dangers.  Secondly, because I am taking pictures of the whole thing.  Excuse the amount of pictures but they tell the story.

Nick, trying to talk JP down from the branch

Plan A:  jump and we will catch you

Plan B:  Just let us hold you as you hang off the branch

keep an eye on Nick in the background who is working on Plan C 

almost there JP!

and he says he will never get up there again!!

successful mission

Momma will make it all better (ignore all the ceiling fan dust in my hair and my messy braid)

Brothers and sisters are good to have around!

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