Rain imposed crochet

I’m sick!!  So, so, so very sick.  All of my kids have been sick in the past few days and I guess today was my turn.  The baby has been very cranky but no fever or cough like everyone else.  I have fever, chills, sore throat, cough and absolutely no energy and am thoroughly indebted to my children today for making meals, taking care of each other as well as changing lots of explosive poopy diapers.

I think it was going to get me either way since everyone here has been sick in the last week but yesterday I was working in the rain working on a farm project that could not wait one more day and that pretty much clinched it.  More on what we were building on Friday when I will introduce you to the newest member of our farm.

Worst of all, instead of laying here (in the bed I’ve been in all day) resting and getting better, I am freaking out about all the presents that still need to be made and all the projects that are due before Christmas.  I couldn’t think straight.  My mind was going a million miles and I had to get it to stop.

OK, sorry I didn’t mean to whine that much about my under the weatherness. I really needed to remember that Christmas is really not about the new outfits or presents. It is about the love we share, our traditions and living a life that the infant Jesus would be proud of.  That did it.  I was able to stop and just think of one little project that I could get done.

 At around 6 pmish I got out some supplies and got to work on some teething rings for baby Matthew. It was the perfect project to do in bed.  I made him this teether by just crocheting all the way around the wooden ring and then I thought how he would probably prefer to chew on the wood

so I made another which only covers half and the yellow reminded me of the sun so I added a row of orange.  That only took me about 15 minutes so I thought I would love to make one with a rainbow on it.

That took a little figuring out and I had to rip it out a few times but I think he will like it and I am happy with the finished product.

I am at a loss at to what else to make for my 3 month old little guy.  The kids think he needs one more gift since they each get 3 like the infant Jesus did.  Any ideas??

We actually have been reading some books this week.  Our favorites for Christmas,  The Other Wiseman and Little House on the Prairie Christmas volume two.

Yarning Along this week again and since I will probably be doing alot more laying around tomorrow, I hope to have time to visit and see everyone elses projects.  See you back here tomorrow for the Stash Bash linkup.   Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.

P.S.  For those of you who asked for some tutorials.  Tomorrow I will be posting the tutorial on making your own knitting needles.  My kids have loved them and yours will too!!

P.S.S.  Please visit this link to enter a giveaway which is benefiting a much needing wonderful family.  Christmas is about giving even if you can only give a hug or nice words but of course, during the holidays money helps if you spare any.

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  1. Mona October 16, 2015 at 2:53 pm #

    They are so lovely & i wanna make one for my baby. Do you have any tutorial for these? Thanks in advance xx

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