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maple syrup festival

Spring is finally a reality and so is the non-stop flurry of activity and things to do.   Our bodies have been indoors, keeping busy with the business of staying warm and cozy, cooking thick heavy meals, preparing for warmer weather and planning for the spring rush.  Last week, the rush happened.  All at once as always and it always manages to catch me by surprise.  We are finished with our maple syrup season and I will be sharing with you tomorrow how it went.  So much fun and sweetness but it took a week to get the wonderful smell of campfire smoke out of everyone.

Two weekends ago we went on our annual trip to the local maple syrup festival.  It was quite cold but it kicked off the beginning of spring for us and now it seems as if so much has happened around here since then.

We love this festival.  It’s an excuse to be outside the whole day and see how the pros go about producing maple syrup for the masses while we are over here hoping to produce enough for our own needs.  Thankful for another year of having my children come with me and still want to.  I have a little negative sound in my head that tells me that someday they will not be interested in this way of life but thankfully, they still do and I hope they always will love everything we do and have done to live more naturally.  That is my hope as a mother.  To raise good and strong people who will love God and their faith, will have a strong connection to nature and know how to take care of themselves and live a natural life.  The rest is details and time will tell but so far we are doing pretty good and I am grateful for it.

Well,  I am off.  I have many more seeds to get started, wild edibles to pick, garden beds to prep and the perfect weather to do it all!  See you tomorrow!

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IMG_9255 IMG_9258 IMG_9261 IMG_9272IMG_0143 IMG_9252IMG_9921IMG_9922IMG_9923Oh how I love Saturdays.  No need to wake up early if you do not want to.  Everyone is in relax mode.  We finished another week and tomorrow we rest.

Our Saturdays in spring are even better!  Farmers markets early (we go to three of them), work around here, activities to go to and friends to visit or tend to if they visit us.  The next couple of week will be jam packed here with planting season finally almost upon us and Derby.  Derby brings about not only a horse race but weeks of festivals and events and its so hard to choose which ones we want to go to. So hard.

Sometimes we all split up and end up in different directions.  Poppa takes some kids with him, I take the rest with me or some stay home with their big siblings to babysit.  Everyone eager to fulfill their goals and then at the end of the day, we all get to come back here to our home and be together.   Dinner, perhaps a movie or a board game.  Always different but always fun.

So, what did you do this last weekend?

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