Laptop notebook blues

In case you were wondering where I have been… I have been baking cakes, working on projects and working here at Moss Flower.  The reason I have not shared any of my activities… my new notebook is not turning on.  I feel like I am trapped inside my broken notebook.  All my crochet patterns which I have designed are in it (months and months of work), pictures of cakes for clients, pictures of my beautiful kids and especially the pictures of Olivia’s birth.  Before I can send it in they told me to get someone to do a back-up- eeekkkk!!!!

I do have another computer in the house but it is in my loft which takes me away from the kids and life and so I have had no time to post anything.  Say a little prayer for my laptop blues to get resolved. (I wonder if there is a patron saint of computers : )
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