Checklist for projects on Moss Flower Farm

Here is my new checklist for projects to continue our journey toward self sufficiency. I will check them off as they get done.

Introduce compatible fish to catfish pond (probably Tilapia)
Buy a Dexter cow
Buy an angora rabbit pair for wonderful poops for my garden and wool to spin into fiber and don’t forget the cuteness factor. Angora rabbits look like cotton balls.
Plant malabar spinach vine (not really spinach but tastes just like it, more nutritious and grows all year from one planting.)
Mulch blueberry orchard and veggie garden.
Add more strawberries to strawberry bed.
Start an asparagus bed.
Plant nasturtiums for edible flowers.
Plant pansies for edible flowers.
Plant hazelnut bushes instead of ornamental bushes.
Acquire 3 new apple trees
Plant a plum tree.
Plant 30 new blueberry bushes in orchard.
Add more raised beds.
Acquire 40 gallon tree pots to grow veggies in to maximize space in garden.
Run irrigation lines to new trees and citrus behind barn.
Build floating fish cage to use as nursery for fry (baby fish).
Buy some Goji berry bushes.
Plant daylillies (they are edible and delicious battered and fried)
Plant Kiwi vines
Plant cat tails in pond.
Introduce duckweed to pond to feed ducks, chickens and fish.
Find a paw paw tree
Find a soapnut tree for natural clothes detergent.
Find an olive tree, almond and cherry tree.

2 Responses to Checklist for projects on Moss Flower Farm

  1. karen sue March 27, 2014 at 2:43 am #

    DId you ever find a soapnut tree?

    • farmishmomma March 30, 2014 at 4:52 pm #

      Karen Sue, I did find a soapnut a few years ago but it perished in the Florida heat. I may try again now that I am in Zone 6b.

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