One Year and one week later – Easter 2013

As always, here are this years pictures and a link to last year and the year before which also shows lots of other years : )

Finally getting a break to do some computer stuff today.  We have been in a whirlwind of house and farm activities, more on that later.

I hope your Easter was wonderful.  Our Easter weeks starts on Thursday of Holy week with a Holy hour sitting in silence with Our Lord who is moved to a side alter of repose.

For everyone who emailed me about the soup we make on Holy Friday from our jar of Lenten beans, (explanation here)  I am happy to report that the soup was plentiful and we were very grateful to have such full bellies.   I was so proud of the kids.  With their sacrifices and good deeds during all of lent, they almost completely emptied the jar of beans.  We made a wonderful white bean and homegrown Tuscan kale soup.  I love these visual reminders of charity for the kids. 

Saturday was spent sewing all the skirts for the girls.  I had every intention of making dresses for them but time got away from me and honestly working with this sheer fabric is so tricky for me that skirts is probably all I could really handle making anyway.  Store bought sweaters, stockings and new shoes completed the ensemble.  That night my parents arrived from out of town and got to spend the weekend with us.  How I miss them so!  They got to spend lots of time with us but most importantly, they had not seen baby Matthew since Alexandra’s wedding in October. 

Sunday morning we went to Easter morning mass followed by a day spent together  with my parents and Alex and Lewis. They hid the eggs for the egg hunt while Poppa and I cooked a ham with Poppa’s special mashed potatoes and asparagus.  Lots of wonderful desserts and laughs and then everyone rested and the got to the business of trading candy and treats from their Easter baskets.

Tonight we hope to go to the county fair and see all the farm animal exhibits.  I am secretly also hoping to miraculously find someone who wants to sell their milk cow ; )  See you tomorrow!

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