Stash Bash

I’ve never met a crafter without a stash of some kind. This year my goal is to use up all the craft supplies I have spent

woah do I look tired in this picture!!  It’s Ok though, that is honesty in blogging!

This week, I finished Matthew’s Peurperium and it is just awaiting some homemade wooden buttons that Eddie is making for me : )  It’s so great to have boys who know how to make stuff!!  The bunny in the picture is our other bunny Lola.  She loves to hang around with me I guess she thought Matthew’s sweater was an extra cushy place to rest her little rump.

So what have you been up to? I love to see what you come up with. I have added the Mr Linky to the bottom of this post for you to link up your Stash Bash projects.
Here’s what to do. There are no rules.
Just use what you have and try to not buy new supplies, unless you need it to complete a project that you are making from stuff you already have in your stash.
Take a

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