30 egg-celent ideas for left over plastic Easter eggs

Hi everyone,  I am now on vacation in Miami!!!  This post came to me this morning as I stepped on half a plastic egg in the stairwell, sat on an egg that was in the couch cushions and spied about three more having their own egg hunt in the corners of my house.  If this is you, here is a list of   egg-celent was to reuse them.
1.  Salt and Pepper shakers. If you have eggs with holes on the top and bottom, put a little salt dough in the bottom egg to plug the hole and make them stand up (remember the weeble wobbles) once the dough is dry you can use them for your salt and pepper.

 We made these last year but I am reposting because this is still my favorite thing to do with plastic eggs

2. Make your own play dough and store it in plastic eggs.
3. Use to hide prizes in a sandbox for an excavation.
4. Keep loose change in your purse
5. To keep your rosary from getting tangled or lost in your purse
6. Place fingernail clippers inside because it will be easier to find when you need it.
7. Use eggs to help younger kids learn to count.
8. Learning tool to learn colors as well. or combine games(give me the blue egg, or give me two pink eggs)
9. Fill eggs with different materials like dirt, rocks, etc. Have children try to guess what each egg holds.
10. Have children race with a plastic egg in a spoon. If they drop the egg, then they are out of the race. Usually done with real eggs but fill plastic eggs with water or dirt to give them a little weight.
11. Another racing game is to have kids push a plastic egg with their nose to the finish line.
12. Keep a pair of earrings in them so they don’t get lost.
13. Put prizes in them and use them in your prize box for doing good in school or on their chores.
14. Take egg halves to use at the beach for sand castle building.
15. Keep loose buttons in them.
16. Pack some thread and a needle in one for a travel sewing kit.
17.  Use the kind with holes as seed starter pots.  Once your little seedling is big enough you can slide it right out.
18.  Keep put away for a rainy day egg hunt indoors.
19. Keep loose change organized in your car by placing it in eggs.
20. Place cotton balls or band aids in eggs for travel. Takes up little space and keeps them clean.
21. Use in your child’s play kitchen.
22.  Fill with something to make them heavier, tape or glue closed and put in your nest boxes to teach your new laying chickens where to lay their eggs.  We always do this one.
23. Teach color matching by separating different color eggs and have them put the right two halves back together.
24. Use them at a farm themed birthday party for to put favors in or for a treasure hunt
25. Make a cat toy out of it by putting a bell or just a rock inside and crazy glue it closed.  You could pull some strings or yarn through the holes to make it more fun.
26. Use as a mold to make side walk chalk.
The next three come from Playing House and I thought they were awfully clever, check them out.

27.  Teach numbers and counting

 28. Teach lower and upper case letters by having them match the correct bottoms and tops

29. Emotion eggs….sooooo cute!  I love this one.  You could even put different faces on two different sides of the egg and then they can mix and match by turning the top around.
and finally
30. Put them away to use again next year.
If you can think of another use, please leave a comment so we can do it too.
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