Feather your nest: Chalkboard label spice jars tutorial

Time to face facts, my nest needs some feathering!  Yours too? Spring is the perfect time to add some personality to your nest.  In my not big enough kitchen, I am constantly going from the stove to the pantry, back and forth to get what I need so I decided to put the spices I use most closer to where I use it.  I found these cute little bottles at my last trip to Ikea and started thinking how to write on these.  I love chalkboards so I started looking for some chalkboard labels and boy are they expensive.  Michaels here I come and here is what I came up with.  The initial cost is about $10 but I have enough materials to make about 100 or more labels.

1. You need to get this adhesive backed vinyl.  I found this one from Cricut but I don’t see why regular black peel and stick vinyl wouldn’t work except that it would be flimsier.
2. Chalk marker (also found at Michaels)
3.  Paper punch or scissors

 Cut out whatever shape you would like to use as your label.  If you do not use a punch then I would cut out my shape from paper first and then use that as a template to cut your vinyl.

 Write on your label (its easier than writing on it once it is on the bottle)

Peel off adhesive backing and stick onto your bottle.

There you go now its cute and organized. You can’t tell from the picture but this is the area under the exhaust vent over my stove.  The best part is the chalk marker is erasable of course.


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  1. Elicia May 5, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    My spice cabinet is right next to my stove, but I could use some room in there! Love this idea. Seriously considering implementing it in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

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