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6 months and what to say about it

Hello Friends!!  Truly if you are still here and reading this, that is what I count you as.

6 months is a very long time, no?  It seems much longer to me.  I have really missed you all and this space.  I am sorry to have left it that way and if anyone worried, please forgive me.  I have cherished your messages and comments and most of all your prayers.  This last 6 months have been a different season in my life.  Matthew has now been my longest baby ever.  He has stepped into that role very happily.

Silence is not a bad thing.  It is necessary sometimes to guard it in order to guard your heart and heal.   I think so often of Our Lady and how much she quietly kept in her heart during her time as a mother on Earth.  She pondered everything, quietly.  That is what I have been doing.

Last week I picked up my camera and put on the snow boots that have accompanied me outside this winter for walks in white covered woods.  I had to get pictures of our amazing snow fall and then realized my camera was not turning on so off to the shop it went and when I picked it up, all ready to go, I knew it was time to return here.

Today, I sat outside in the sun!  The sun which has not been present here for a while was there, everywhere.  Accompanying me as I did a little needlework and it was glorious.  I feel spring in the air and I know it is coming.  Everything will be waking very soon and I am so excited to take it all in.  So excited for the violets to pop up.  I intend to pick every flower and make some jelly.  Oh I can hardly wait.  Yesterday I found some wild spring onions and I know the rest will soon follow!  The chickens know it is coming.  Today they are just happy to bask in the warm sun along with me.  All of us await the dandelions and all their possibilities.

Today may be one of the last days that we can walk freely in our woods before spring fills all the trees and greenery which block our passage many times with briars and poison ivy.  A chance to follow our creek to the end of our property and perhaps find a little inhabitant in its waters (do you see him in the picture?).   Treasures and familiar pathways are ours today.  It is amazing to think what a difference one week may make in the view behind our home.  Even our chickens tried as much as they could to follow us deep into the woods before tiring and heading back to the creek.

What is your favorite part of the beginning of spring?  I am off to do a little sewing for a certain birthday boy who knows I am working on something for him and then I will get more seeds started.  So exciting.  This is definitely my favorite part of the year.

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Spring blue

We returned midweek from our wonderful excursion to Florida with two day trips to South Carolina.  Unfortunately we returned to every single one of us coming down with the stomach flu.  At this point there has only been JP who has not come down with it and I am hoping it is just not going to get him at all.

Being in Florida was so amazing.  Back home with Alexandra, Lewis and baby Lewie but can you believe I did not take even one picture.  I think the sun being out all the time was all that I could handle and living in the moment does not go well with having a camera around ones neck.

We played outside all day and night.  We harvested loquats until the tree had no more fruit low enough to climb in and get.  We brought home bags of Seville oranges, waiting to be turned into marmalade.  I dug up and took cutting of many of my plants since spring is now on the calendar and someday it will be warm enough here to plant them.  We even got to harvest a whole lot of yuca from our cassava plants during a visit from Nate and Charlei.  So much fun and the feeling of being home was overwhelming.

The problem is my internal clock says its spring but I returned to Kentuckiana to find snow on the ground.  I wake everyday with no motivation to get anything done.  I have been beating myself up about it until Poppa told me he was worried about me.  He mentioned the winter blues and then I sat down to think about that.  I do really think I have the blues.  I need spring to come, finally and now.

There has not been much going on around here except for the aforementioned puke fest and all the cleaning up that goes with it.  No sewing or knitting.  No reading or anything close to creative.  Just a bunch of cooking, cleaning and cuddling until we all clear this terrible stomach ailment that has afflicted us.

Yesterday, I finally stepped outside because the sun peeked out from its usual hiding place.  The kids ran about until the sun went down and for the first time I found some green things growing outside.  They know right?  These plants know that it is coming.  Spring.  And it could not happen too fast for me.  Today is super cold again but friends have promised me that next week will be a different week.

So, I am holding to that promise and looking for the signs.  I hope to feel like sharing more than I have in the past two weeks though I promise you haven’t missed much at all.  Just a house full of sick kids and a momma with the spring blues.

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