What I’ve been up to… lots of crochet

So to get us all caught up on each other again, here is what else I have been up to.  For some reason, whether it be nerves or whatnot, I need to keep my brain and hands going pretty much all the time.  I long for the good ole days when I could just lay down and nothing would be going on upstairs : )

I have about 100 projects on the back burner and am slowly trudging through them.  Here are a few:

coffee mug cozies for everyone on your list, as long as they drink stuff
Plain Jane crocheted Mary Jane slippers in 100% super soft, cushy, warm yarn
Plain Jane Ballet style Mary Jane slippers
more muggies
a message muggie
and a couples muggie.
I pretty much own every color of yarn available (thank you Yoli) and can make anything you see here in any color you want with any saying you’d like.
You can find it all at my store, crunchy crochet at etsy
Give handmade this Christmas, if you can’t make it yourself, support someone who can.
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