Future cake bakers of America and Happy Birthday Eddie

Lately, whenever one of our household’s members needs a cake, Nicholas has been stepping in to make it. When you live with a cake designer, your children are apt to follow. This time he came up with a Star Wars theme since his brother loves Star Wars. Most of the cake is self-explanatory but the fruit loops may not be as much, they are the craters on the moon. Alex and Nick made a coconut flavored cake and a cream cheese frosting. It was quite yummy and absolutely no help from me was necessary. Happy Birthday Eddie and congrats to Alex and Nick on a yummy cake.

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Memorial Day on the Weeki Wachi River

Our neck of the woods hold some of the most beautiful rivers in Florida. What better place to spend Memorial Day at than one of the them, the Weeki Wachi River. This river is crystal clear all the way to the bottom. The river winds down quite a ways. Alexandra and Poppa kayaked down the river with some of our very dear friends The M’s. The kids and I were waiting for them at a place called Rogers Park which has a small beach area on the bank of the river.
It was great to see the kids swimming and playing in the sand. I spent the day with her majesty (Olivia) under my Pottery Barn umbrella which I purchased a few years ago and have never had a chance to use. We ate fruit, sandwiches (emphasis on the sand), chips, cookies and of course drinks. Three hours after I had parked myself in the sand to watch my family have fun, Poppa and Alexandra came around the bend of the river in their kayaks. It was a fabulous day and the rain fell everywhere apparently except where we were.
Happy Memorial Day to everyone and to Poppa who served in the Navy and all those who write our government a blank check by serving our country ready to give the ultimate gift of their lives for it if necessary, thank you.
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