First things first…

I guess it would be appropriate to start this blog by introducing the real life players.

Me- Above all else I am Eddie’s wife and mother to a mega family.  I will let the rest out of the bag later.
Eddie-  My wonderful husband and Poppa to the many little and big feet running around here.
Alexandra- Our oldest and the glue that holds us together most days.
Nicholas- Our oldest son, an old soul who delights in finding the biggest oak tree and losing himself with Mark Twain.
Eddie- My very sensitive boy, he is always the first to make sure his Poppa has comfy pajamas waiting when he gets home.
Erica- A brain with legs and feet.  My only glass wearer. Permanently busy with a book or a crochet needle and any yarn I can spare.
Veronica- Resident girly girl.  Always put together with pretty matching clothes and a smile.
JP- His momma’s heart!  Also my most stubborn but cute and cuddly kid.
Christopher- Born in the bathroom at home by mistake and has been keeping us on our toes ever since.
Olivia- Roly poly little baby girl who KNOWS that there must be someone available to carry her, no swing necessary.
Mandy and Andrew- My precious twins in heaven whom I shall know intimately someday.
Cypress- Our oldest Golden Retriever, master escaper and most likely to need a psycologist during stormy season.
CJ- Son of Cypress, never any trouble and deathly terrified of the camera.
People ask me if my family feels too big… I think it feels just right, it really does not feel like a large family to me.  I remember back to when we only had 3 and it feels about the same.
As for the nay sayers who will comment about how we are over populating the earth, I say firstly that our family has a much smaller carbon footprint than most families of 4 and we are proud of that.  Secondly, the world does not have too many people, it simply has too many people who don’t care.
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