Mother’s Day for a mother of 8

Don’t ask a mother of 8 what she wants for Mother’s Day, it may cost you. Not money but time! I am not a very materialistic person so I guess that statement does not work for all moms but for me, there is really nothing that I need. Maybe a new pair of clog style burkis (birkenstocks).
When my family asked me this question I knew exactly how to respond. What could be better than a day in bed. Here is what I got, Poppa made me belgian waffles (I didn’t even think he knew we had a waffle iron) with blueberries and strawberries covered with maple syrup and whipped cream and a side of crispy bacon.
Olivia was taken downstairs and only brought up for nursing time, the kids checked in on me periodically to make sure I did not need anything. I rested, watched a great tear jerker movie with Alexandra, cuddled with Christopher and John Paul, received a pretty good massage from Poppa and just vegged out (lay like broccoli). For dinner Poppa made a really great churasco with his wonderful mashed potatoes topped with a creamy tomato and mozzarella sauce.
Before all this, we went to morning mass and Ronnie crowned Our Lady at the May crowning mass. She was so excited to do it since years past her sisters each got to place the crown on Our Lady’s head.
Before bed, Nicholas gave me a great foot rub and brushed my hair out (love this!!)

So next year instead of more things you may not really want or end up using, you may want to ask for a non-commercially bought present, I know I will.
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Do something Saturday- Work day on Moss Flower Farm

Our dear Moss Flower needs attention, here is the Saturday work list:

Plant new peach, plum, persimmon, loquat, fig and banana trees.
Add new raspberries and blackberries to the berry patch
Plant new concord grape vine in blueberry orchard.

Pull out all old growth from the papyrus growing at the pond (I avoid this job like the plague) this time Poppa took a chainsaw to it and later on in the week I will put the pile through the chipper and use as mulch on the new trees.
Clean out and lay down fresh grass clippings in the duck enclosure.
Clean all bathrooms, vacuum or sweep and mop house, deep cleaning in kitchen, clean and polish dining room table, wash, fold and put away the laundry (done by Yaya (Alexandra)
Cut grass and clean out dead branches from rubilini palms
Poppa used a chain saw for the first time and I think he liked it. All and all it was a lot of work but many hands make the work light. We had a wonderful oyster stew with lots of fresh dill in it and it was wonderful. Now I am going to get ready for Mothers Day (I will be doing absolutely nothing and loving it, after Mass of course).
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