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summer to fall

Three days ago the calendar changed to fall.  However,  the weather never got the notice.   If I am honest, I have been living for fall and cooler weather all summer.  Sweating outside is not my thing which sounds so funny coming from someone who lived most of her life in Florida and will again in the future.  Fall is one of those things that I never knew I needed so much until I had it in my life.  Fall weather means the seed ticks will vacate our woods so that I can take more than an occasional walk.  I long for the color of leaves ablaze on the trees.  The feeling of cool crisp air that lets us bring out our handknits once again.

In the meantime, the boys have been busy putting the tomatoes, peppers and other lovelies in the garden to good use.  Homemade hot sauce made from our garden tomatoes and peppers (which I do not like even though I have heard that it is very delicious) has been at every meal lately.   They got to use Charlie’s squeezo and boy is it a good tool to have around.  The tomatoes go in and the juice comes out of one side with the seeds and peels on the other side.  Easy peasy and then of course the chickens and water fowl get all the peels and seeds.  They may even plant a few for us which we would find next spring.

Knitting has become a nightly activity again as well as dominoes and Settlers of Catan.  I came upon a beautiful vintage wood card table during my thrifting excursions in a small antique shop, which has become a permanent part of our livingroom now and though I had planned on recovering the top part, it has quite grown on me and I couldn’t imagine this sweet folding table with a different fabric on top.

Decorating for fall has also been in my brain at all times and I think some new door wreaths are in order.  I did notice that the girls dragged out all of our fall pennants and fabrics so they must be feeling this way too and a few changes always do our hearts good.  I long for soups every night (Poppa really dislikes soup during hot weather though I still sneak one in each week) but pumpkin soup, pho, stews, its all calling to me and I can’t wait.

So what are you doing to bring about fall?  I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you happen to be and don’t forget to send some fallish thoughts our way… every little bit helps right?


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where he spent his summer

Babyhood is fleeting. Oh how I know this so well.  Lately, everytime I look at Mateo, he looks bigger.  He knows more and he wants to be with his momma less.  He is of course, a boy and of this boy of mine how he pulls at my heart strings.  This week he has told me in no uncertain terms that I am not to kiss his sweet baby cheeks so many times in a row.  Bounderies must be set it seems.  He has much to do you see.  There are rocks to throw and chickens to catch, dirt to play in and of course he must try to interrupt every game that happens without him.

I am not alone, oh no… I am not.  Everyone here is smitten with him.  Just as smitten as they were the day they met him only now he does these funny little things which make us laugh so much.  He is our little clown.  At the dinner table, we all try to keep a straight face while we say the meal prayer because his sign of the cross looks so much more like a catcher  sending signals to the pitcher.  He is busy all day.

The one exception is on my back.  No matter what he is into, if I get the carrier, he will come.  I must admit that its my favorite way to spend time with him.  The smell of his sweet baby hair and those precious little hands of his, they just undo me.  While he is on my back he will play with his mommas hair, run his hands on my arms and just enjoy being close.  I get dinner accomplished with Mateo on my back.  That is his most irritable time of day and it keeps him out of trouble and he is seeing me do my work, the work I do for my family.  We have hiked, we have picked blueberries, attended town functions, spent countless hours at parks, farmers markets, stores, soccer games and all the while I have gotten to have him so close.

I know someday soon he will not be there and I do not look forward to it.  For today, I am enjoying having this little guy along for the ride for I know there will be a last time.  I don’t remember the last time with my other babies but there was a last time and I will continue to carry him as long as he wants me to.

This summer was busy.  Oh so busy.  In the best ways, in the hardest ways, in the most memorable ways.  I don’t want to bombared it all into one post so I leave you until tomorrow.  I have something very special to share with you.  If we are friends on FB then you have already know this all summer but if not then I will see you then.

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