Knitted Waldorf baby doll for last days as the baby

As the days get nearer and nearer to my little bean being born I am spending more and more time hugging Livie close and realizing that in a few days she will no longer be the youngest.  Every time I look at her I swear she is getting bigger right before my eyes.  It is truly bittersweet.  My mom who is here taking care of me says that Olivia is my favorite which is not true…the smallest is always my favorite so everyone has had their time to be mine, all mine : )  and they are all my favorites in a different way.

My thoughts keep going over every moment we have spent together since she was born into our family and I have truly enjoyed all of her phases, kisses, funny faces and antics.  I am truly blessed to have done so with all of my babies.  As I look forward I hope that I can give the same kind of love to a new baby together with the patience, understanding and awe that I have had for all of our children.

A few days ago, I decided to make a little gift for Livie from her new baby to come which we will give her on the day our new baby is born.  She is so excited to meet the new baby and always greets me in the morning with a hi Momma and hi Baby belly rub and kisses my belly goodnight before bed.

The body is knitted from a slightly too scratchy to wear but just perfect to play with yellow wool.  I hope to finish it very shortly and will make the hands and face from the normal skin fabric which I had left over from making her Molly doll.  (edit)  I forgot to add the pic this morning : )

Please keep me in your prayers as I fill my last days before birth with all the little things to be finished.  Today I am joining Ginny again on her Yarn Along and hope to visit the other crafty mommas over there in between my projects to finish.

Do you have a project you have made from stashed materials? I would love to see them here tomorrow my Stash Bash on Thursdays.

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