These Days…My weekly journal

I did not forget to show you my big project as promised but still need another day to finish so I will share it with you tomorrow instead.

I think it has been a lifetime since I have posted my weekly journal (well, if you only had a lifespan of 2 months). For an explanation on each picture, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

This week we:

: :  We celebrated our Thanksgiving feast.  The day was spent together, cooking, watching the parade and It’s a Wonderful Life as is our tradition and of course sitting down to eat our meal and recollect everything that we are thankful for.

: :   Made some wonderful Merlot spiced cranberry jam (recipe to follow on Friday) to enjoy and share with our in-laws

: :  Erica talked me into buying the last watermelon at the corn farm so that she could carve it

: :  Visited our in-laws farm to check out a future addition to our farm…sorry, I’m not telling what it is just yet and it’s not a goat

: :  enjoyed some time outside cloud gazing as a part of our cloud study

: :  taking advantage of the still warm afternoons to sun our bedsheets before its too cold outside to hang the laundry

: :  got to visit some of our dearest old friends and spend a few hours together before they returned to their home in South Carolina

: :  dressed Matthew in his green and orange to watch the big game with his Poppa

: :  got a visit every day last week from a homing pigeon which the kids have named Alice.  There must be a pigeon farm close by because we get visit by tagged pigoens very often.  For about two years a pigeon we named Grace would come by every day and got to know us so well that she would eat from our hands

: : made my favorite gift for wedding showers to go along with something store bought from their registry.  I have made this gift for a great many couples and yet have not made one for my own home

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  1. little macaroon. December 3, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    Love Alice the pigeon, nearly as pretty as my firstborn who shares the name 🙂 Your weeks look to be sailing by beautifully, but don't you just wish you could press pause on the babies growing up?X

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