Easter Sunday 2010

Today was another wonderful holiday with my family.  I stayed up until 2:30 AM making a bunch of stuff for the kids outfits and getting goodies and baskets ready for the morning.

This years theme was black and white with a tiny touch of baby pink. Tomorrow I will post all the refashion and craft projects I did this week to get ready for today.


After a glorious Easter Mass we came home and got to cookin.  We made a ham with pineapple, Poppa’s awesome mashed potatoes and roasted balsamic vinegar and garlic green beans and almonds.  We had some pretty good whole wheat artisan bread covered in oat groats made by a friend with some organic butter and it just does not get much better than this for me.

After lunch we had our egg hunt and the kids stayed inside while Poppa and I hid all the eggs.  This was Livie’s first egg hunt and she had so much fun.

Looking among the banana tree pups
and down by the pond

                     and in one of the coops, sorry guys, we did not hide any in there.

                     No Livie, jelly beans do not come from chickens

                                    and a rare shot of the authoress
Some unmentioned notables were a delicious ambrosia salad, Nick and the kids annual Easter soccer game outside with Poppa (while I was taking a much needed nap) and some of my delicious habichuelas con dulce (see yesterdays post)  Happy Easter to everyone.


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