First day of Spring

This morning Matthew and I sat in a rocking chair in the front porch to enjoy the crisp cool morning breeze.  Birds were flying from tree to tree, cardinals, bluejays and robins, each in pairs playing a catch me if you can game.  I looked out into the oaks and they seemed twice as full as yesterday and so much greener.  Not just any green but spring green!!  All at once, it hit me.  Could today be the first day of spring???? 

I ran inside to google it (what did we do before the internet, seriously!) and sure enough, today is the first day of spring.  The trees and plants all knew it, without googling it!  The rest of this week will be a flurry to get all the rest of the spring garden planted before Holy Week begins.

I will be back tomorrow with my Stash Bash, see you then.

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