Rhythm of our week. Thursday: Library day

Happy Michaelmas everyone.  I love feast days and of course so do the kids, no school and lots of fun.  We tried to make caramel apples to celebrate the beginning of fall but even after sanding the apples surface, the caramel slid right off?  Hmmm, maybe next time I should make the apples cold before dipping them in the caramel?  Anyone done this lately, I could use a clue! We spent the day playing badminton out front, playing cards, cooking and enjoying each others company, and of course today is library day.

Going to the library is one of my fond memories of childhood.  Unfortunately, my momma only took me every once in a long while and I kept a book for about a year one time.  I remember thinking that the police was going to come and get me at any moment for not returning Harry the Dirty Dog.  I still love that book but it still gives that feeling that I am living against the law haha.

When I became a stay at home mom and got rid of the help, the one “homeschooling” activity that I did for my then 1st grader and two boys 3 and 4 years old, was storytime at the library followed by letting them get lost in a pile of books until nap time.

Library day is a day to find a new adventure.  You never know where you will go or what you will learn.  When you find the perfect book it is bittersweet to come to the end and even worse when that author never wrote another book.  Library day is a day when momma will not ask you to put down your book to match socks or clean up the front porch.
We usually come home with bags of books though lately I have had to limit the amount of books the little ones get so they don’t get lost.  Last week I found one in the garden and thankfully it was in perfect condition.


We live in a small town so our selection is not as good as when we lived in the city but good enough.  We will hopefully make new friends and visit faraway lands then land safely on our couch or favorite reading spot.

How often do you go to the library?  Do you have a sure fire way to not lose any library books?

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  1. Katie October 7, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    we also live in a somewhat smallish town but we have a system of libraries that share all their books including a couple colleges! so while we have a lot to choose from we also have more to lose 🙂 we misplaced books with great regularity, even mommy i must admit, until i got a cute wicker laundry basket and put it in the living room. we have pretty much the same rule as Hallie, when your done reading back to the basket. our library day was today… we checked out i think 20 books between the 5 of us. love your blog! blessings from TX

  2. Hallie September 30, 2011 at 2:01 pm #

    Our library just started back their reading time. We have so missed it over the summer! We love to go and check out books and escape into a new adventure! As for not losing them? I have a large basket in the living room that we have just for our library books. The girls are free to read them but they must go back to the basket when they are done. Or even if they aren't done, stick the the book mark in and still it stays in the basket till the next reading. It seems to work pretty well… knock on wood! :O)

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