feathering our nest

Busy, is the word to describe today…and yesterday.  I love days like this.  We have been in a flurry of finally getting back to unpacking, painting and getting started with decorating.  With snow falling outside, it’s the perfect time to work on inside projects since I know that soon enough spring will sneak up on us and I will have every minute counted getting a new garden and farm going here.

We are done painting the living room (except one wall which is really high and no idea how we will do it without a ladder), the dining room and the kitchen.  I finally got around to staining the farmhouse table I had made nearly two years ago now and the shelves I meant to put in our Florida dining room are now up in our new dining room.  I will be sharing tomorrow, when hopefully there will be adequate lighting to take some pics.  In between the painting, staining, hanging shelves and reupholstering the two chairs that I scavenged last year to go with our table, I decided to sneak in some decorating projects.

I had pinned this from Pinterest and in my attempt to make the things I actually pin, as well as needing some love for this little corner of our family room, I made this sign.  It is made from lumber probably left over from building all the decks on this house and it is super heavy but it was made from materials we already had and I love it.  Next time, I would use pallet wood which is lots lighter but what is done is done.  When I brought the wood inside, Poppa gave me the “oh no you didn’t” look and I totally understood.  The wood was almost black and it was totally frozen from being behind one of our out buildings.  An hour by the heater and a good scrubbing followed by a white washing and I was ready to make a sign.  Eddie cut the boards down to the size I needed and I attached some wood leftover from the boys Ikea beds to the back for support, tied a long piece of jute to the back and drew and painted the words on.  I don’t have a stencil, so I made one.  Erica and I took turns painting in the letters until our backs would start to hurt and then I would start doing some of the other projects until I felt up to painting again.

So much more to do but I should probably slow down a bit and take a nap with my baby…that is a project worth all the projects in the world.  See you tomorrow for some pics of the finished diningroom 🙂

IMG_1267 IMG_1269IMG_1265IMG_1278 IMG_1279


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5 Responses to feathering our nest

  1. Peggy January 17, 2014 at 6:00 pm #

    what a nice reminder .I have a question, off topic. My DD has a new house in Brooklyn. I am going to visit soon and wondered about the yarn shop you visited sometime back? I don't remember if it was Brooklyn? I would like to find a little waldorf-ish toy shop ,I don't think Manhattan? any leads would be appreciated

    • farmishmomma January 17, 2014 at 7:31 pm #

      Peggy, the shop is The Purl Soho and it in SOHO 🙂 SOHO stands for south of Houston Street (its pronounced how-ston, not Houston :). You will love that entire area!

  2. Lyn January 17, 2014 at 5:52 pm #

    Hi Tricia,
    Great sign, but please anchor that heavy wood with plaster anchors in 2 spots to distribute the weight and use the
    jute as just a decorative accent. I've had experience with falling artwork and would hate to have your active household
    and your precious family negatively impacted (check out your photo). PS. I love your passion for creativity and sharing that involvement with the kids.

    • farmishmomma January 17, 2014 at 7:29 pm #

      Lyn, thanks for that reminder!! I am off to the hardware store!

  3. Bernadette January 17, 2014 at 3:34 am #

    Wow! You've accomplished a lot! LOVE the sign. Great job … as usual! 🙂

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