vintage childhood

I have mentioned my disdain for plastic toys…with the exception of vintage Fisher Price.  I am a 70’s child and these are the toys of my childhood and when my kids were little I started locating and purchasing all the ones I had when I was little as well as the ones I played with at cousins houses.  These toys are friends, they speak to my heart and make me happy.  They are very loved by my children which makes me equally happy.

These toys have been played with for many many hours by my kids and I hope someday by my grandchildren.  They still lend themselves to imaginative play and we have been lucky enough to find enough to fill walls of shelves.  

On any given day, Livie will talk her older brother to “pway wittle people” with her. This time they only pulled out a few and when I came around the corner I grabbed the camera.

Livie has deemed the little boy in the school chair to be “in twubble”.  In little people land it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can still play and have fun.

 These are the moments I am thankful for.  The moments when my children can enjoy the simple pleasures of a simple childhood…the childhood of a 70’s child.

Did you play with little people? Which sets did you have?

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