Stash Bash

I’ve never met a crafter without a stash of some kind. This year my goal is to use up all the craft supplies I have spent money on that are taking up mental and physical space in my life.  Join me here every Thursday for a Stash Bash.  

Yesterday we received a beautiful gift.  One of our very good friends had a wonderful little boy and we have been asked to be his godparents.  He gave his mother a hard pregnancy but I am sure she feels every second was worth it.  He is so precious and very red haired!

Besides being a blessing, babies are such a great excuse to make something, don’t you think?  As soon as I found out that I would not just be a friend to this baby but his godmother I knew what I would make him.  (I sure hope his momma is still too tired to be on the computer but if you aren’t Reggie, get off this blog right away and wait to be surprised!).

About a year ago I plunked down a nice chunk of change for some of this wonderfully soft, organic hemp velour thinking that if I ever had another little one, this fabric would make a sweet blanket.  I ordered about 4 yards because I knew I would want to make more than just one blankey.  I am also going to make some burp cloths but will share those later.

The plan was to sew a blanket stitch around the edge (this is the part that takes the longest and I like the least).  In order to do it evenly I use a sheet of paper taken from a sprial bound notebook and using the holes along the edge of the paper I line it up against the edge of the fabric and with a fabric pen, I draw a dot in each hole as I go along, all the way around.  Hope that made sense.

Unfortunately, I did not snap a pic of the second round when I started the crochet but promise show you the finished blanket in the coming days. I pulled out a few spools of my vintage embroidery floss and decided on this charcoal grey to contrast the creamy ivory of the velour.

So what did you get done this week, I can’t wait to see!   I love every one of your projects and hopefully you will join me this week.  Thanks for stopping by this weeks Stash Bash. Below is the linky list for you to add your project. 

Here’s what to do. There are no rules. 
Just use what you have and try to not buy new supplies, unless you need it to complete a project that you are making from stuff you already have in your stash. 
Take a picture of your project or progress and blog about it or post a picture to flickr.
Then come back here on Thursdays and post a link to your post.
Don’t forget to link back to the Stash Bash so others can find us and get encouraged too.
Fair enough?     

P.S.  Its so nice to hear from other stash bashers so if you visit some of the links don’t forget to leave them a quick little comment.

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