At least once every two years

I know most women love going to the hair salon but I have to admit that it is not my thing.  When I was younger I did go through a phase where I went in twice a week to get my hair blow dried and curlers done which gave me gorgeous hair all the time and maybe it helped me in someway.  Fast forward a few years, I got busy with life and just stopped feeling the need to look runway ready every day.

Honestly, I don’t like the smell, the chemicals, the cost.  Most of all I stopped wanting to hear women dissing their husbands and complaining about life when I loved mine and would not trade my life with anyone else.  Was it age, or responsibility?  Not sure but now I usually go to get a trim when I can no longer take the split ends anymore or…..I am treated to go by someone I love

A few weeks ago, my oldest (Alex) came home to tell me that on Poppa’s birthday she was sending me to the salon and then out on the town with Poppa to celebrate while she would babysit.  Be still my heart!  Why was she doing this?  I can only say that she is an amazing human being and figured that I could probably use a night out.  I could also say that I do not deserve such an amazing daughter and really just feel so lucky that God gave her to me when other women would have done such a better job than I have done.

She took me to Aveda which in the level of a salon is entirely lovely.  No chemical smells whatsoever, aromatherapy meets you at the door and amazing customer service.  I was offered drinks, treated to a massage and oh the herbal tea.  Do any of you know what I am talking about?  The tea was so good that I sat there reading the box trying to figure out what was giving this unsweetened herbal tea such a sweet and wonderful flavor.  I need to go back and buy a box.  Why did I not buy myself a box?

In the end, I walked out feeling refreshed and my hair is once again springy, soft and the kids have spent the last day touching my hair and telling me how pretty.  I am still holding out on the grays, I earned them and they don’t bother me that much so no need to get rid of them and with such a great experience, maybe I will be back more often than every two years.

Thank you to everyone who emailed about my rag rug.  I love your comments, oh if you only knew.  Truly I treasure every comment and every person who takes time out of their busy lives to read about my little life.  I will of course share the finished project but not sure if I should wait to show it in the nursery?

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