from poppa to baby pants

Not sure why I was surprised but last Sunday, I had a hard time finding any clothes that could fit Matthew.  I scraped together an outfit for him to wear to mass and then added making him clothes to my mental to do list.

A few days later, Poppa comes home with ruined pants which he was about to toss.  He gave a me the look when I told him to put the pants on my sewing table.  The look he gives me when I have shared one of my Lucy and Ethel type plans.  I told him the baby needs new pants and I could  probably use the fabric from his pants to make them.

Last night, I took my seam ripper out and started taking the pants apart and an hour later I had a new pair of pants for my little guy.  The zipper is still functional and I added an elastic waist band to the back side.  Now,  I just need to buy Poppa a new pair of pants.

He still needs more pajamas, shorts, shirts and some comfy pants so instead of buying them I  am going to see how much of it I can make from clothing we already have and fabric from my stash.  The downside to this you know is that my baby is really growing up, can you believe he is already 9 months old??

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