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unexpected crafting and a giveaway

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That seems like an awful silly title for this time of year with all arms length list of gifts I have to make  but I have been doing some very unexpected crafting in the last three days.  If you have been around here for more than two years, you may remember the Etsy stores I used to have.  I used to have them because I shut them down after four great years of making dolls, slippers, rosaries and you name it for my wonderful customers (some of whom still write to me to see if I am still on vacation).  Oh it’s not that I did not want to do it anymore but instead that I found I never had time to make anything wonderful for my own babies.

Well, it seems the chickens have come home to roost because on Saturday, after sharing my Saint Nicholas day post to Facebook, something unexpected happened… someone asked me if I could make them a Sweater baby like the one I made for Livie, and I said yes!  I get requests like this all the time but this time I said yes.  Then I said yes again to another Sweater baby, oh I love making those.  For some reason it was like saying yes hit the restart button and that night sitting in my studio, I looked up into my craft closet and saw my lego organizer.  I pulled it down and opened it and the next thing I knew, I made one lego rosary, two, then four and by the end of the night I was sitting there with nine rosaries.  My babies already have some so who were these for?

Well, they are for you I guess!  After two years of not offering my crafts to anyone, I have decided that I might start to again and I will start here with these Lego rosaries.  I made hundreds of these in the past, do you remember?  I may resurrect my Little Saint Dolls in the future but right now I can offer these, if you want them that is.

Truth be told, I have been wondering how in the world I can generate some income.  I am used to having my farm income from eggs, bread, plants and farmers market sales.  Not having that makes having this blog a bit difficult because this blog does cost something to operate and I need to find a way to cover that.  Also, there used to be money for piano and guitar lessons and just extra money to take the kids here or there and well, that is gone now.  Oh I am not complaining, really!  I am just sharing my thoughts outloud (in a typing kind of way) here with you.

So, anyway to make this a bit fun, I decided to give one of these Lego rosaries away so that one of you can put it in your own babes Christmas stocking in the hopes that you will share this with your friends and I might get the word out that I am kind of open for business.  The kids call this yellow and black rosary the Bumble Bee and it will hopefully be in one of your homes in a few days.  I know that in the few years I stepped away from making these, there are a great many also making them.  But perhaps you want to buy one from one of the original people who started making them (that’s all I will say about that).  Each block is strung onto heavy, strong waxed cotton cord and the decades can be snapped together so that your little one can follow along the family rosary by snapping each block off as the prayers are completed.  The cost is $20 which includes shipping to you 🙂

I am begging a friend (who knows how to work the whole blog thing) to help me put a little store right here on my sidebar.  I don’t think I want to go back to Etsy.  I feel like I just need more control and that way if I have something to offer, I can just offer it here at home, kinda like the old days when people had their businesses right at home.  Would that be of interest to anyone?  Any better ideas of suggestions (I know you ladies are super smart).

Ok so, if you would like to buy a rosary and have it in time for Christmas, please pm me at by Sunday.  ‘You can see some examples of color combinations here at my Facebook page or you could tell me which colors you like.  The giveaway will end Saturday (yeah, I know you want to see if you can win it first hee hee) and the rules for the giveaway are:

Leave a comment and get one entry.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter or your own blog and get another entry (please let me know that you did and where you shared it).  Buy a rosary and you get (5) entries.  OK so that’s it.  I am off to post office, I haven’t done that in a long time 🙂

The winner is Lena:  These would be perfect for the lil’ men in my life.

Lena, Please get in touch me and thank you to all who entered.  I wish I could send each and every one of you a rosary for your little ones!!  To everyone who ordered this week, thank you so very much!

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snow day

We are in a snow paradise but more on that in a bit.  Right now I want to address any momma’s out there who may have felt offput by the gifts I made my children on Saint Nick instead of keeping it simple with candies or fruit.  Keeping it simple is definitely the way to go and I do, it’s just that I don’t post those moments often thinking they will be of no interest to anyone.

We do not buy many things during the year.  Our children get one store bought gift and two momma made ones in Christmas and we do not decorate or do much until Christmas week so I tend to make a bigger deal about Saint Nicholas day.  I know I do not have to justify what I do here in my home to you but please know that whatever you do for your family, whether big or small, it is enough.  Honestly, I love making things, and they are my favorite recipients.

So back to the snow.  My goodness do we have some.  It has snowed now for another 24 hours after these pictures were taken and oh by golly is it white out there.  I am keeping positive with so little light around inside or out, that usually depresses me as I need sunlight, lots.  I have found that forcing myself to go out no matter how cold, is the ticket.  I spent about 2 hours outside with the kids yesterday and it was breathtakingly beautiful.  I never realized how big this land of ours is until it was covered with this big white blanket.

We have had to keep a few of us inside, JP and Matthew have runny noses.  It has been hard to have fun outside, knowing that they want to join us.  We are taking turns spending time with them inside.  I hope we are all back outside together very soon.

I have also discovered what mudrooms are for and why there aren’t any in Florida.  I find myself saying things like “close the door” and “take off those boots” and of course “get your coats on please”.  Things I have never really said much as a momma.  New things, exciting, toe numbing and fun.  Actually, I only came inside yesterday because I do not have proper boots for snow, really they are more rain boots than anything, and also because I over layered and then threw on my down filled coat and I will repeat again to anyone who does not believe me, if you want to be warm, layer silks and wools.  Oh my toasty.  Note to self, less layers next time and yes I hope there will be many, many more next times.

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