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making merry : : the eve of Christmas

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Last night we:

: : put generations of ornaments on our tree, thinking of past Christmases and all the memories that come with them

: : remembered about an hour before dinner that I never even gave Christmas dresses a thought

: :  pulled out some Christmas corduroy fabric from my stash, vintage piping and the perfect little cherry buttons  and made the easiest things I know of for the girls, a jumper and skirts

: :  sewed in between checking on the salmon and asparagus in the oven

: : made a half dozen coconut cream cakes (an experiment for sure but they came out really good) for the neighbors and two for us

: :  spent hours with the girls in the kitchen and sewing room

: :  danced and laughed with the kids  all night until it was time to go to mass

: :  finished the last of the gift bags and “wrapped” all the gifts

: :  enjoyed Matthew’s 2nd Christmas watching him have fun with all the preparations going around

: :  was so very grateful to have a new source of farm raised, free range eggs for our family

: :  put all the kids into their warm beds and then got to the work of putting out all the gifts

: : put up a surprise Christmas tree in the girls room while they were sleeping (something they have been wishing for since they were little)

Wishing you and your loved ones a most Blessed Christmas and may the Infant Jesus be ever born in your hearts tonight


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making merry : : princess and the pea…. under the tree

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She is done and I am popping in quickly to share.  I really liked her better without the jammies but hey, a girl’s gotta wear jammies right?  I think the next outfit I make her will be a softer fabric which doesn’t cover her neck and body so much but she is ready for a restless night of sleep complete with a pea under one of the mattresses and waiting for her new momma to open her.  Eeps, I can hardly wait!


I will be here later to share the rest of the day




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