Spring Cleaning Day 3

OK, so for those of you who may have noticed, I missed a day or two. So sue me….. I have a good excuse… the dog ate my homework… I have alot of kids… I am not as young as I used to be… take your pick!

The truth is that scrubbing all the floors on my hands and knees and waxing a grand piano was the coup de gras. I will NEVER, EVER, apply wax to anything ever again. The end result was lovely but there has to be an easier way.
So wednesday we ended up reorganizing the entertainment center, getting rid of movies we don’t want and finding new homes for all sort and manner of things.
Yesterday, of course, was Holy Friday and we spent the day in silent activities as well as 3 hour service and mass at church. The kids were angelically quiet for all 3 hours with the exception of baby Olivia who was carried by me at the back of the church. Thank goodness for my organic bamboo baby sling. It is so soft and comfortable that even really fat baby did not hurt my back after even 3 hours. I will be making more of these!! After mass we came home to eat a corkscrew pasta and sphaghetti sauce dinner with a salad of spinach leaves, diced eggs, farmers cheese, almonds and diced apples and watched a few hours of the movie Jesus of Nazareth with our priest as our guest, though he always brings food for the meal, this time it was raw milk and a jar of sauce.
Funny side note: Christopher (2) asked his brother what is Holy Friday? His brother replied, “Christopher, Holy Friday is the day that Jesus died for us”, Christopher said “What! Jesus died? Now what are supposed to do!” when his brother told him that he would come back to life on Easter sunday Christopher replied, “Oh good, that was close!
Today we are getting our outfits coordinated for tomorrow and children are bringing down their Easter baskets in the hopes that they will receive them back full of goodies. If this momma has time I will be crocheting some peeps for them, we will see and if I do I will post the pics. Hey designing crochet patterns is not as easy is it sounds and I have not perfected the peeps yet.
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Spring cleaning Day 2

As I write, Nicholas is giving my arms and feet a rub down so I am typing with one finger. Today we finished the kitchen by scrubbing the floor with castile soap and scrub brushes. Our priest came by to bring me some razor blades to scrape hard to get dirt off with. His presence inspired a little healthy competition between Alexandra and I as we divided the kitchen floor in half. Not sure who won but it was probably not the authoress.

The next reason why I need a rub down is because part of spring cleaning the living room was cleaning and applying paste wax to our 1921 Steinway Grand piano. Can you say wax on, wax off? We cleaned and reconditioned the couch which Poppa was very helpful in lending a hand to do half since he had gotten home just in time to rescue me from having to do the whole job myself as well as putting the finishing touch on the piano. We reorganized and decluttered and all I have the energy to do right now is my rosary and speaking of rosaries… I am working on a project for the kids Easter baskets that I thought of a while ago but have not had the time to really work on.  Here is a hint, it involves legos.  I will try to get my project done so I can share it with you. One last word… good night!
OK, OK! I did not forget the list, so here it is:
Living room
Clean TV (Yes we still have one or more)
Polish piano
Wipe leather couch and recondition
Vacuum couch
Organize entertainment center
Sew cover for sofa chair
Clean out behind couch
Clean blinds
Clean windows
Scrub stone living room table
Move Pottery Barn bench to foyer
Dust lamp
Hunt and remove sand spurs from carpet
Dust fan
Shampoo carpet with Rug Doctor
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