Do something Saturday- Work day on Moss Flower Farm

Our dear Moss Flower needs attention, here is the Saturday work list:

Plant new peach, plum, persimmon, loquat, fig and banana trees.
Add new raspberries and blackberries to the berry patch
Plant new concord grape vine in blueberry orchard.

Pull out all old growth from the papyrus growing at the pond (I avoid this job like the plague) this time Poppa took a chainsaw to it and later on in the week I will put the pile through the chipper and use as mulch on the new trees.
Clean out and lay down fresh grass clippings in the duck enclosure.
Clean all bathrooms, vacuum or sweep and mop house, deep cleaning in kitchen, clean and polish dining room table, wash, fold and put away the laundry (done by Yaya (Alexandra)
Cut grass and clean out dead branches from rubilini palms
Poppa used a chain saw for the first time and I think he liked it. All and all it was a lot of work but many hands make the work light. We had a wonderful oyster stew with lots of fresh dill in it and it was wonderful. Now I am going to get ready for Mothers Day (I will be doing absolutely nothing and loving it, after Mass of course).
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and we’re back

I have been MIA for a week or two. We took baby Olivia on her first car trip (of course we her royal subjects went along too). Our journey this time took us home to Miami. We got to see many of my Mom’s family members and visit very dear friends.

The kids especially loved visiting my aunt Olga. She lives on the beach and is one of my youngest aunts (she is one of 14) She would probably not be happy anywhere else. When she moved from NY I was in my teens and I remember a trip to the beach with her. We got stuck in traffic and if you have even been stuck in Miami traffic you could probably appreciate the fact that aunt Olga got out of the car and layed down on the grassy median to jump start her tan.

The kids had a blast with her and my other aunt Lochi and adorable cousin Jordan. We had a wonderful meal cooked by Olga’s husband Tony (thank you Tony) and we all got to walk along the shore (too cold and windy to actually get in the water.

We got a last minute visit from one of my very favorite uncles. Uncle Teo is the eldest of the boys in my mothers family. He will always be the movie stunt driver to me(when I was little I could tell he was at my house because I would here him screeching around the corner full speed). I always think of him while fishing and I don’t see him very often but he is near to my heart and it was great to see him and his wonderful wife. God has a funny sense of humor, this is the same uncle whom dealt with me as an unruly teenager. Thanks for sticking around all these years.
Of course the highlight to visiting home is seeing my parents, getting to eat amazing cuban food, visit all of our old favorite digs, you know, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.
I am so grateful to Our Lord for
the grandparents he has given my children. My parents and in-laws love to spoil and spend time with their grandchildren and add something to their lives that Eddie and I as their parents could never give them. Our kids love their Abuelo and Abuela and Grandma Yoli and Grandpa Fred. Here is Olivia with Abuelo (my Dad, isn’t he the cutest?)
We got to see our beloved Father Omar who is recovering from a delicate surgery. The kids got to play with the therapy bunnies and spend time with our sheperd in Miami. Father Omar is one of the most special and holy men that I have ever met. He married us, baptized our babies, and gave our children their sacrements. I miss his sunday sermons and warm hugs but it is good to know we can always stop by and visit.

All and all it was great to be back for a little while but sadly we have to say goodbye, our little farm needs us!
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