Christ has risen

What a splendid day today was. Easter mass was beautiful. I love days when all the kids are happy and the grass is green and the sun seems to shine on everything… today was one of those days. I am very thankful for our little church, my boys have learned so much at our parish. They loved serving at their first Easter mass.

As you can see all the running around headless chicken-ness paid off as I was able to pull off another year of coordinating the kids. Our theme this year, blue and white. Happy Easter everyone, I am going to raid the fridge, the ambrosia salad is calling to my tummy.

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Sabbatum Sanctum

Holy Saturday (in Latin, Sabbatum Sanctum ), the ‘day of the entombed Christ,’ is the Lord’s day of rest, for on that day Christ’s body lay in His tomb. Unfortunately for me today will not have any rest in store. There are so many details to get done before tomorrow. Boys need haircuts, Alexandra will trim Nicholas and John Paul with scissors and I will trim Eddie and Christopher’s hair with the clippers. I still have to find navy blue pants for all four boys as well as black socks and black shoes for John-Paul. I have to purchase the candy for the baskets and food for the next day. Lastly, I have to get the Easter eggs stuffed for the hunt and fill Easter baskets for my children to find when they come downstairs tomorrow morning. Our Easter Vigil is at 7 PM and the boys will serve at mass so I have only a few hours to get all this accomplished. All this with really fat baby in her sling.

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