Day six of Handmade Christmas Challenge- Teen girls

I guess if I was posting the more difficult challenges first I probably should have picked this one… teenage girls, oh vey!!

Really there was no shortage to gift ideas it just depends really on what your teenager likes and if they like the same stuff a week from now.  Anyhoo… here’s todays list.

Bottle cap pendants:  My daughter LOVES these and makes them for her friends.  You can find these so inexpensively on Etsy or make them yourself.  Here are some instructions.

Here is a great gift for a teenage girl of any age.  This headband by Heather Bailey looks pretty easy but high  in cute factor
or this reversible headband from The Long Thread

If she is a student or has a laptop to carry, she will probably love this messenger bag, or this one made from denim jeans (recycled of course)

For the fashionista teen in your life (and don’t they all think they are?) here are some crocheted shell lace fingerless gloves.  I will definitely be working on these.
and more jewelry… this one is so pretty and so customizable.  Glass tile pendants are super inexpensive but would make a teen girl feel like you really thought of her and what she likes.  For anyone who wants to support an artist instead of being the artist I found this glass tile pendant on Etsy and there are many more artist making others like it.

I think that moms may want to steal this one… a back to the 80’s faux tape cassette Ipod cozy.

or a candy wrapper belt?  The only problem with this project is someone needs to eat the candy (maybe, you could find some volunteers somewhere)

and as long as we are ruining our teeth with all this candy, how about some soda? soda pendants that is.  It seems that alot of this years hot stuff for teens involves recycling or upcycling

and again if you want to support an Etsy artist, here is one and there are so many others.

and to go with the pendant,  here is a soda can cozy.

So there they are, now get to work!!

I will be taking off Saturdays and Sundays during this challenge but tomorrow I will post Fridays night challenge (hey, I do have a life ya know!! as well as a farm to run)

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  1. Cre8ive December 12, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    AWESOME!!! Can't wait to get to work!

  2. Gabriel's Attic April 1, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    I just added you to follow your blog. Lovvveee.. Your items & felt!! Please add me to your giveaway!! Shelly

  3. momma rae November 22, 2009 at 5:10 pm #

    really fun projects!! i LOVE that you are doing this feature! such a fantabulous idea!! 😉

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