Feast of Saint Nicholas

December 6, 2009
Today is, for many Catholics, the day for gift-giving (some do this on Christmas, some do this on the Feast of the Epiphany in memory of the gifts the 3 Kings gave to Baby Jesus, and some spread the gift-giving out on all these days).  In our home the kids put out their shoes to be filled before they wake the next morning.

We also have gift giving on Christmas morning and Epiphany in order to celebrate the true meaning of these days and take the emphasis off of just receiving gifts.

Here are some of the handmade gifts they received:

Olivia received this angora wool softie with cute face hand embroidered onto 100% wool felt and stuffed with wool batting and lavendar and hops scented millet to help her sleep.

Christopher loves his little pony made from fleece with little feeding bucket full of hay.  

JP wished for a puppy and his Momma delivered.
Veronica loves kitties and I have been making this one since I was 12.  She loved it!!
Erica asked me for a mouse named Corn Flower from one of her favorite books.  After combing the internet for a pattern and not finding what I needed, I came up with this one.  I love it so much, I am perfecting the pattern to make more.
Eddie and Nicholas are always asking me to paint them my little people but there is seldom time when there are orders waiting from customers.  They were surprised to find Knights and Ninjas in their shoes.
and last but certainly least, Alexandra received this little dish for her earrings and trinkets which fall from her nightstand and are lost to the Dyson : (

These and all the gifts that we made were so much fun to make and they were very well received.
Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas

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