Spring snow

Spring.  This is what the calendar says and yet a few days ago I sat up in bed, where I usually allow myself to linger and fully wake up before my feet hit the floor, and my eyes were filled with a white beautiful light coming in through every window in my bedroom.  I know this light all too well.  I sprang from my bed (this is sounding very Night before Christmas-ish) and flew to the window.  A few inches of snow covered everything in sight.  The snow did not stop falling until 4 pm that day and we made a whole snow day of it complete with sledding, a walk in the woods, lots of hot chocolate, hot soup and snow ice cream.  I was going to include the recipe here but having a blog post dedicated to the recipe would work better to find it later so I will post that shortly.

My little ones could hardly contain themselves and wanted to be outside by breakfast time.  This momma just doesn’t work that way and besides, going out into the cold snow without breakfast is never a good idea.   Beyond that morning farm chores still need to be done too.

The feathered girls walked out towards the field as they usually do and then quickly decided that snow was not something they wanted to do that day and promptly walked back into the henhouse.  Out of 30 something hens, only 4 or 5 came to get treats and the some of the ducks decided they would too.  Of course the geese can’t let anything happen without their consent so they had to check out what I had in my jar also.  Wheat berries and oats are a great snowday snack apparently and then as soon as they ate it all, every hen, duck and goose retreated back indoors.

I tell myself that I will miss all of this winter majesty when we return to our Florida home someday.  So instead of complaining, I walked around allowing myself to be in awe of this beauty.  This surprise snow  storm and perhaps the last of this winter.  Who knows but we all had a great time together and I know we will all remember this day and this surprise storm, even those of us who are wishing and hoping so very much for spring.

This week I have so much to accomplish.  The girls Easter dresses were ordered online (boy was that easy) and the boys still need suits and ties but I hope to get lots of other things crossed off my Easter preparation list.  As I head into this Holy Week, I hope to keep what is really important at the head of everything else.  I hope to spend some more time here with all of you and may spring come soon for us all.

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