Lego party how to: Lego block party bags tutorial

As promised, here is the tutorial for the Lego block party bags (not that you couldn’t figure it out without me).

What you need:
Party bags in Lego block colors (I got mine in a pack of 12 from Michaels)
Circle punch or scissors
Cardstock to match the party bags
pop dots

 If you have one of these old machines I used the third biggest circle, if you do not I would say the circle would be about the size of a half dollar.

 For each bag you will need to cut out 8 circles

 put a pop dot on the back of each circle (note: do not throw away the sheet that is left when you are done popping out all the dots, cut them into small pieces and use them the same way you would use a pop dot)
  I did not measure while I was doing this but you could just place the circles in place and play around with it before you remove the back off the pop dot.  Once you are happy, remove the pop dot backs revealing the sticky side and press them in place.  Once you have the first one done, you can use it as a template for the rest.
too easy I know,but I did promise.
For the party itself you can visit right here. No presents please : )

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