Crocheted Pixie Balaclava and Fairy mushrooms

The pixie balaclava I was making for Livie is finished…well finished for now.  I liked the finished project but will change the way I make it next time to improve the pattern.  It is a little roomy for her right now but that is good because it is comfy and will last a season or three.  I love the wool, cotton blend yarn I used for this hat.  It is so soft, I would love to have more but it was from a discontinued yarn I have been hoarding.

I really dislike the seam on the top front so that will be the biggest change but for now here it is.


and while we were outside we went exploring under our front oak trees and found a few magic mushrooms : )
it seems the fairies are back
Fall must be around the corner, that is the only time we find these on our property.
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  1. Mandi @ Catholic New September 17, 2011 at 2:15 am #

    That is so adorable! I've recently really felt called to learn to knit or crochet, and I just found a place that teaches both, so maybe someday I'll be making something so adorable for my own little one.

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