A blustery day at market

I’m back from our first day at market. 

Today started early this morning….early!  We had all the cookie dough made in the afternoon, and the girls love to get in the action when we start baking for market.  The littlest is always the most eager.

We made many batches of cookies, white chocolate almond, chocolate chip and raisin oatmeal.  I made a huge batch of pumkin spice douhgnuts and vanilla ice cream as well as devils food snickers push pop cupcakes.  We got everything packed up and headed out at 8:30 AM to set up at 9.

 It was so great to be back… for the first hour.  We got our booth set up pretty quick and honestly it felt we had never left. 

An hour after market opened so did God’s wind machine.  A bad storm started coming in and though it never rained until after we left, the wind was so powerful that many booths almost lost their canopies and about every 10 minutes or so a big gust would get up under our tent and we would have to jump up and grab a pole.  Many of the 70 vendors packed up and left and with them the traffic that had been coming in.  We had no choice but to take our tent down and then just kept our tables up in the hopes we would sell our baked goodies.  In the next two hours we sold out of our pumpkin spice doughnuts and most of the push pop cupcakes. 

The highlight of the day was the food truck parked next to us, Zest of the Chef.  Since there were basically no customers, he brought me over a sample of a savory blue cheesecake and oh my goodness, just thinking about it right now gives me goosebumps, again!  It was so undescribably amazing. So much talent in our little town, I was so happy to meet him and his partner, she was so sweet.  I know what I am having next week for lunch, oh I hope he has it again or I will surely suffer.  You can see them here or like them on Facebook here

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  1. Reggie October 9, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    Love the colors you used! Very pretty! How can you make money off your push-pops? You must have received a good price on the push-pop containers? They look simply delicious! Your presentation is always so pretty!

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