Eggs everywhere

Today when the girls brought in the eggs from the coop, it hit me that I had run out of places to put them.  We do eat eggs mind you, lots of them but these girls have been crankin em out faster than we can eat them.  I counted 54 eggs and that means its time to cook lots of egg recipes.

I can tell who layed which eggs and the Auracanas (the green and blue eggs) are definitely in the lead.  Cold days, hot days, and even a scare by a coyote at the coop door does not stop the Auracanas from laying.  You see the dark brown eggs in the front, that one was laid by my one lonesome Buff Orpington though she has no clue she is the only blond in the pack.  The lighter brown eggs are provided courtesy of our Rhode Island Reds, they lay less eggs but slightly bigger ones.

My first stop was deviled eggs.  Not my favorite thing to do (though it is my favorite to eat) because unlike store bought eggs which are 1 to 2 weeks old, farm fresh eggs do not peel easy.  Even after shocking them into cold water they do not peel super easy or pretty but they are so yummy.

I do not wash our eggs until its time to use them.  Yep, thats right, my chickens lay them and we put them away as is.  I was told by an old farmer that eggs should never be washed until ready to use.  They last longer that way.  Thats how we do it around here and if you are only used to store bought bleached eggs I am sure you just fainted at the thought my dirty eggs in my fridge lol.

This week three people have asked to buy eggs from me.  Every day our gals get a bucket full of veggie and fruit pulp from our juicing at every meal, they get every scrap of food that we do not eat (we waste nothing) and if they need it they are given gmo free feed.  I need to call these people back but honestly I have no idea what to charge for our free range, thick shelled beautiful eggs.  Any suggestions?

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