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bringing blogging back

Writing this post is both terrifying and exciting. It also brings back some very comforting feelings of a time when we shared our lives here with all of you. Then Instagram became more and more the place were we shared our daily adventures and somehow this one went silent. I have been meaning to dust off the cobwebs, sweep out all the corners and put out some fresh flowers on the table here. Blogging again has been a goal this year but I usually need something to push me over the edge a bit. What that push is has many parts to it. Social media has become an unfriendly place when you believe in medical freedom, educational freedom and simple ideas. More and more my words are censored and my ideas not shared because they don’t contribute to the larger plan. That’s not ok.

I have used my voice to share my truth since 2007 and I’m not done, not by a long shot. So I woke up a few months ago thinking of freedom, the freedom to speak my truth and share our life in a safe place. Here

So, I should probably start with a quick catching up of where we all are these days and what is missing from the last two years of our blogging story. But for today, I want to say that its time to get back to blogging. If you are still blogging, used to blog but have been thinking of getting back to it, or have been wanting to get started, won’t you drop your link in the comments? We need to recreate this blogging community. Don’t you miss reading what your friends were doing? Finding inspiration in others lives and sharing yours? I sure do. I’m here and I’m ready

If you are one of my old readers, please do comment, I’m so hopeful that some of you are still here!! I will be back with that catchup post tomorrow but I didn’t want another day to go by without encouraging you and inviting you to bring blogging back. Let’s go!

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