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a pebble for mateo


We are back.  What turned out to be a 15 hour trip to Florida last Tuesday was a much more pleasant 12 hour journey back to our new home.  I am always astonished at how our children can last that long in a car without making much of a fuss other than to ask for food, water and how much longer.  They are amazing, my babies and they make me so proud.  Even Matthew during our trip there and our trip back was patient and happy.  He and two of my little ones did have a turbulent tummy in the mountains and we went through a few clothing changes because of it but then a little sweetness to settle the tummy and we were back on the road.

It is so very good to be back.  My entire time in our old home in Florida felt so emotionally challenging.  I kept feeling like that is where we should be but as soon as we walked in through our door here, we all felt it.  This is home, slowly but surely.  After a quick meal and everyone pitching in to unload the van, we all settled in to a warm house and we are all happy happy as my Eddie says.

15 hours plus 12…yeah that was a lot of time.  I cast on a Pebble vest for Matthew, you can find the pattern here.  By the time I got to Florida, it was done.  Of course my favorite part of weaving in ends (not!) needs to be done and it needs to be blocked but I love the way the Father’s Grey Peacefleece yarn lends its rustic charm to this pattern.

I figured that I might finish it during the trip so I brought another hank of Peacefleece in a beige tone to start a pair of longies to go with it.  Well, I intended on using my own crochet Bucket Seat longies pattern, but left it in my studio.  Since I have never put it on Ravelry, I had to go it alone and decided to knit one without a pattern.  A fly by the seat of my longies kind of deal, ya know?  Longies are pretty simple, all you need to know is how many stitches go around the waist, I chose 80, then rib a waistline, knit the body until it’s long enough to fit over the diaper, divide for legs and work the legs.  Really simple.

I could have finished it except that I ran out of yarn so I will be back tomorrow to share it with you.  If I can get some testers then I will post the pattern.  It’s very easy, I promise.

I hope your holiday was wonderfully delicious and full of love and joy.  Now, I am off to replenish our pantry and refrigerator.  These kids are hungry.

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