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Easter peeps sunflower cake tutorial

If anyone missed me, I have been in bed with the flu for two days!!  Yuck!  I have not had the umph to get up and make anything else for Easter but I scraped myself out of the abyss this morning long enough to pull together a very simple little cake if any of you want to make it for tomorrow. This cake is very simple and quick to make.

Here’s what you need:
Chocolate frosting
Your favorite cake recipe
Chocolate chips (I used the big ones but the little ones would be even cuter)
15-19 chick peeps
Bake two 9 inch layers of cake.  Cool them completely.  Level your cakes by cutting off the rounded tops.  Put down your first layer and top it with a layer of icing.  Place your next layer on top, make sure it is level all the way around and ice the whole cake smooth.

 with a star tip, pipe a border all the way around

 now take your peeps and without taking them apart, place them on the edge all the way around.

fill the center of the cake top with the chocolate chips starting from the center of the cake going around and around to the edge

Enjoy, if you can’t bake or don’t want to you could also pick up a chocolate cake at the store and decorate it.   And now I am going back to bed!
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Chick marshmallow pops tutorial – Handmade Easter craft along – Day four

Wow, how did the day go by so fast.  I made these today even though my day was about 10 hours shorter than I needed it to be.  Marshmallow pops are very quick and they are my favorite last minute thing to take to parties.

and ducks
Here is what you will need:
Yellow candy melts or dye it with food coloring
Flaked coconut
teeny bit of orange fondant
yellow food coloring
lollipop sticks
lollipop bags
 one of my beautiful assistants rolls out our homemade fondant and punches out teenie flower cutouts to use as feet and diamond shapes to use as beaks.
 dip your marshmallows.  I explain how to make marshmallow pops here
 let your candy melts set up for about 10-15 minutes so the chocolate does not drip off the marshmallow.  Put your shredded coconut on a plate and roll the marshmallow to coat it in the coconut.
put some melted candy melts on the back to glue them to your pop
add your feet, beak (fold your teenie fondant diamond cutout in half and stick on face) and eyes and voila you have a chick and duck.  Wrap in lollipop bag and these will definitely keep until Easter.
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