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Simplified cupboard

Simplifying our life is always one of my priorities.  I am always redoing this or that, changing where things go or making new rules and ways of doing things.  No, I don’t have A.D.D., I call it tweaking and I am always tweaking.

I love it when I get an idea from a friend, in real life or in the blog world, that I can use here and make a difference.  One of the areas of our home that I am always trying to work on, keep more organized, keep cleaner and uncluttered is the kitchen.  We spend alot of time in the kitchen and compared to my kitchen in our last home, my kitchen now is small and with 10 people there is always alot of mess to clean, food to make and dishes to do.  Dishes are my least favorite part!

In comes Nicole from Frontier Dreams with her always good ideas.  Back in the summer she simplified her cupboards and gave me the inspiration to work on mine, albeit 4 months later : ) 

There is nothing worse that coming into the kitchen you last saw clean to cook a meal and finding a sink full of dishes (that I did not use).  Our problems (as I’m sure is the case in many of your homes) is too many dishes.  With so many cups, plates and silverware, my family can just use and use and pile them in the sink.  It took some courage but I got out all the plates and cups out of the cupboard and left only one plate, cup, bowl and mug per person.  That is it! I packed away, on a shelf in the garage, enough cups and plates to serve guests and got rid of the extras.  I wish I would have taken a before picture (though embarrasing it would have been) but I was not in the blog sharing mind, but trust you me, it was hard to get anything in or out.

I then made some name bands for our cups, which are and have always been, at least since 1999, mason jars.  I have always loved mason jars.  In the year 2000, I got all the packaging out of my pantries and put everything I could into mason jars.  I also took some cabinet doors off so I could see all my beautiful jars full of grains and food staples.  Anyhoo…getting off the subject, mason jars are great because they are cheap and if one of my kids leaves milk or tea in their cup, I put a lid on it and put it in the fridge. Plus they are very trendy at the moment though we will keep using them far after they fall back out of favor.

the big one at the back is Poppas. It is the only one without the name band on since he said it got one his nerves and everyone knows which cup is his.

Now, as soon as we are done eating, each child cleans his own dishware.  It has made my kitchen so much nicer.  Thanks Nicole!

In case anyone wants to make some of the name bands, it is super easy and here is how:

You need:

Clear elastic string for making bracelets. I guess you could use anything but I wanted something that would not get moldy and would stretch. You can find this at any craft store in the jewelry making department.

Alphabet beads. I think I paid about $4 for a big pack at Michaels and I did not have a coupon.  I still have enough beads to make a bunch more.

Measure around the cup and add 2 inches for tying the ends.  String on the beads and tie the end (make sure it will be snug around the neck of your cup) and apply a drop of glue to the ends or they will come apart.  I used hot glue.

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Spring Cleaning Day 3

OK, so for those of you who may have noticed, I missed a day or two. So sue me….. I have a good excuse… the dog ate my homework… I have alot of kids… I am not as young as I used to be… take your pick!

The truth is that scrubbing all the floors on my hands and knees and waxing a grand piano was the coup de gras. I will NEVER, EVER, apply wax to anything ever again. The end result was lovely but there has to be an easier way.
So wednesday we ended up reorganizing the entertainment center, getting rid of movies we don’t want and finding new homes for all sort and manner of things.
Yesterday, of course, was Holy Friday and we spent the day in silent activities as well as 3 hour service and mass at church. The kids were angelically quiet for all 3 hours with the exception of baby Olivia who was carried by me at the back of the church. Thank goodness for my organic bamboo baby sling. It is so soft and comfortable that even really fat baby did not hurt my back after even 3 hours. I will be making more of these!! After mass we came home to eat a corkscrew pasta and sphaghetti sauce dinner with a salad of spinach leaves, diced eggs, farmers cheese, almonds and diced apples and watched a few hours of the movie Jesus of Nazareth with our priest as our guest, though he always brings food for the meal, this time it was raw milk and a jar of sauce.
Funny side note: Christopher (2) asked his brother what is Holy Friday? His brother replied, “Christopher, Holy Friday is the day that Jesus died for us”, Christopher said “What! Jesus died? Now what are supposed to do!” when his brother told him that he would come back to life on Easter sunday Christopher replied, “Oh good, that was close!
Today we are getting our outfits coordinated for tomorrow and children are bringing down their Easter baskets in the hopes that they will receive them back full of goodies. If this momma has time I will be crocheting some peeps for them, we will see and if I do I will post the pics. Hey designing crochet patterns is not as easy is it sounds and I have not perfected the peeps yet.
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