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a promised hat

What a great memory little children have don’t they?  Do any of you remember this hat I made Matthew?  It was before we moved to Kentuckiana.  Well, back then I promised Livie I would make her a summer hat too.  You know, the kind of hat you can wear when its not cold outside, just for cuteness.

Well, a few days ago, she remembered.  Bad momma (that’s me) never made her one and she asked as I was sitting with nothing to do.  So….I walked into my studio hoping the right yarn would jump out at me and it did!  Right there in my crate shelves was the perfect yarn,  2 wounds balls of the softest grey cotton yarn.  I think it is Blue Sky Organic cotton, its been a while since I purchased it.  I picked up the yarn and it is so soft that I knew it would be perfect.

As you may know if you have been here any amount of time, I don’t use patterns and am so terrible at writing down what I am doing.  I always think I will remember exactly what I did.  This time was no different.  It is just torture to stop myself when I am inspired.  I hate having to write down each and every step so the upside is I get to make something from my head.  The downside is I can’t share what I did.  Someday, I will conquer this.  I already have about 100 patterns I did write down over the past 10 years that I need to finalize and have tested but it is never on the top of my to do list.

This hat took about a night to finish and she loved it the next morning.  Have you made anything lately?

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Pinterest Pin-along

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We are off on an outing today.  Today would have been the day I started breaking ground on our new garden but with the temperatures in the upper 50’s today, we just can’t resist so the garden will wait until the next warm day which the forecast says will be about next weekend 🙁  In the meantime, I am busy with paper and pen doing the important work of planning.  Checking whenever we have sun, were it lands or does not land in the garden, where the water goes when it rains etc.

With all this talk of warming weather, I got to thinking that in the spring, all of Matthew’s longies may not be so great for being out in the warm weather.  I am making him my usual bucket seated shorties from my own crochet pattern but wanted to knit something up.  It is so hard to be a mistress to crochet but ever since I learned to knit, my heart really is there more so than with crochet though I understand crochet so much more and can construct most anything with it.

These shorties are super simple (do I always say that about my projects?).  Many years ago, I saw a pair like these somewhere and sketched the idea down in my crochet notebook.  There was no pattern with it but looking at the sketch last week, it seemed so simple that I just cast it on.

I didn’t of course write down the steps I took but I’m pretty sure I can figure it out from looking at the diaper soaker.  I still have to add some ribbing around the leg openings to give it a bit more security but so far I really like it and it is a fast knit.

So what did you make this week?  I can’t wait to see it.  Please post a link to the pin that inspired you in your post :)

To see my Pinterest inspiration board for today’s project, click here.  Oh and if we aren’t friends on Pinterest you can follow me by clicking on the “P” bunting flag at the top right corner of this blog.

Here’s what to do.

1.  Pick a pin you have pinned from your Pinterest boards and do it.

2. Take a picture of your project or progress and blog about it or post a picture to flickr.

3. Then come back here on Saturdays and post a link to your blog post (please make sure the link you post is to your Pin-along post and not your main blog)

4. Don’t forget to link back to the Pin-along  so others can find us and get encouraged too.

5.  We all love comments and encouragement so please leave a comment here and visit at least 1 other pinner and leave them a comment  too :)
Fair enough?

Below is the link up tool.  Let me know if you need help!

You are invited to a Pin-along party.  Bring along all your Pinterest ideas and pinned projects and make them a reality.  Don’t just pin it, Make it, Bake it, Do it and then Share it!

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