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Lego party

Have I ever mentioned that I am a first class procrastinator??  I know I have and I have also mentioned how my poor JP who is number 6 child always gets his birthday party a pretty long time after his actual birthday.  His birthday always falls during lent (and we don’t party during lent since I don’t like having parties on Sundays, too stressful). Easter always comes around and before I know it, it’s summer and my baby boy (who never complains) finally crosses my mind and then its scramble time to have his party before boy number 7 has to have his.

Enter. Lego. party.  Super easy to come up with ideas and one thing we have around here is legos.  This was a simple party, nothing hard to make and only 12 boys total were invited. We even had time to relax after everything was cleaned up.  For the next couple of days I will post the how to’s on some of the projects in case you are inspired to have a lego party for your birthday kid. Almost the entire party was done indoors because we expected 90% chance of rain.

WARNING: This post is going to be pic heavy.

my usual cake table presentation minus the cake… again no cake at one of my parties… I have told myself that this will not be a recurring event but I just could not get inspired to design a lego cake knowing that it has been done so many times.

one of the games… guess how many are in there?  777! yeah

lego mini figure marshmallow pops
easier than you think

simple cupcakes in lego colored wrappers… template and tutorial will be posted in a few days

fondant cupcake toppers, too easy for a tutorial

homemade shrinky dinks upcycled from plastic container to make name tag straws

free and fun, tutorial also coming
more party favors for the partiers, lego blocks soap
and yes, I will show you how easy it was to make, but you need a mold
party bags, easy but I will still post the how to
 mini figure crayons
 super inexpensive
 but you do need a mold
cake table banner 
 back in December, I found Lego party packs that were little cars and plane kits for kids to build so I bought 4 packs of 3 each… which is why there were 12 children invited.   
 after they built the cars, we had lego car races on the left side of the front porch. A sheet of melamine purchased at a hardware store with electrical tape used as lanes.  The melamine will eventually go up on a wall in my studio to scribble all my ideas on.  As soon as the games were done, the boys were all back to racing on this board so I am calling this one a winner
 this game was fun and I might pull it out of my idea bag next time its pouring outside and my kids are bored.  You have to pick up a lego block by sucking it up with a straw and moving it to your plate.  The person who moved the most blocks in 2 minutes wins

a smile, a beautiful smile….this is the reason any mom does the work to put on a party. and I love smiles
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Livie’s Garden Tea Party in the Forrest and giveaway

Warning: This is the picture heaviest post I have ever done.  I really tried to pare it down but there were so many pictures that I wanted to share with you all, so here it goes.  All picture credits go to Alex and Co Photography…more on that later.
Cupcakes and sweets table.  To go with the garden tea party in the forrest theme I decided on of course china, lots of pretty glass and wood.  The vanilla cupcakes were filled with a raspberry cream, topped with cream cheese frosting and a fresh raspberry placed on a bed of moss on a beautiful china platter.
 I did not realize that the limbs of our oaks have gotten so high, in my mind I envisioned the tissue paper dahlias and butterflies hovering over our heads in the trees but really, they were waaaay up there.

the marshmallow pops were probably the easiest to do (and the kids favorites) and displayed on a log 

  super tiny toadstool mushrooms I have realized that I put toadstools on so many things that I have given up trying to suppress it and adopted them permanently in my life. The moss covered cupcakes were black forrest german chocolate cupcakes with raspberry jam filling and cream cheese frosting covered with edible moss.

 these “acorns” did not last very long, I saw people sneeking away with handfuls (tutorial coming this week)

 I had so much fun making the big paper lanterns that I made a few for the mini cupcakes
  Paper pinwheels, super easy (another tutorial is coming)
bubble wands (another tutorial) 
the girls get a visit from party friends 
My new tree swing (inspired by the amazing Kathleen Frances of Grosgrain Fabulous) which I added strips of fabric dyed with Wilton food dye.  Unfortunately, none of my pictures show the colors or the flowiness (is this a word?) of the ribbons.
my favorite place in our yard

front porch talk 
 kids fishing catfish down by the pond
 simple fun on a tire swing

 There were a couple of things I did different in this party that I have never done before. 1. I did not have any organized activities, kids were free to just play, they bounced on the trampoline, played in the loft space in the barn, played in the sand, the garden and down by the pond and a few soccer games popped up here and there.  2. I did not make a cake!!!!  This is huge for a cake designer. Instead I made one cupcake with a number 2 cupcake topper for the birthday girl.  I did not hear any complaints and the world kept turning.

Thank you for coming to Livie’s party.  Remember to leave a comment on todays or yesterdays post to win the toadstool and moss cupcake toppers kit of six cupcake liners, six tiny toadstool cupcake toppers and enough edible moss for six cupcakes.
Winner will be announced on Tuesday night, March 8th!
This Crunchy Catholic Momma’s giveaway can be entered by any ONE of three ways.  You get an entry for every one that you do.
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Just remember to please leave me a comment telling me what you did so that I can go back and look for your entry. Either give me the link that you posted for the giveaway to or tell me that you began to follow me. 

Good luck to all my bloggy friends and thank you for joining us for Livie’s birthday party

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