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a few more moments

Yesterday, there was a moment of the day where I walked around and everything was quiet.  The kind of quiet that only spring and summer can bring.  The quiet of most everyone finding something to do outside and then I realized,  in all my haste and complaints for fall to come I had not taken into account that this quietness is now almost come to a temporary end.  Soon we will all retreat inside to cozy spaces for most of our waking hours.  There will be time to read, knit, work on a project but there will also be the bustle.  I won’t call it noise, its just the sound of living.  There are a dozen of us living and breathing in this house and it creates bustle.  It’s not a bad thing, its just different than today, when the entire house was seemingly clean and there were no projects laying around or children making the sounds of bustle.

Before anyone should get it wrong, the pictures you see here are an exception.  We do a cleanup once a day and the house will look like this but it never lasts more than an hour before more messes and living happen and that’s ok too but I will admit to having made a cuppa and walked around all alone enjoying just the site of it.

By the way,  I intend to harvest all the goldenrod that I can gather for dyeing projects this week but it smelled so much like honey and I had to battle with quite a few bumble bees to get some yesterday so all of what I collected ended up in vases throughout this house instead.  There is plenty more out there anyway.

It is funny to sit outside and find both dandelion greens and fallen leaves together, though they probably always coexist at this time of year but I don’t remember ever noticing.  The garden is looking ready to rip out and replant to fall plants.  We are very close to harvesting our potato beds and the Jerusalem artichokes will be ready soon also.

The geese now have their grown up honks and they make such a ruckus anytime anyone comes near.  They will be good to alert us of any foxes or other predators that they see.  I also meant to talk about the electric fence we added to our homestead this year.  It is exactly what we have needed.  It keeps all the birds where we want them instead of on the porch, on the rocking chairs, in the gardens and spreading every bit of mulch they can find.  It is also a great protection for them and they are still getting all the fresh grass that they want.  The guys move it every two days and it is quite easy to do.  Very lightweight and powered by the sun.  I wish we had done it sooner.  With so much land, we have a lot of predators and that is one less thing to worry about now.

I am hoping for a few cool days to get lots of weeding done but during this heat spell, my heart just wants to stay inside most of the time and make the house ready for cooler weather.    I have a pile of fabric waiting for me to do a lot of sewing and the knitting basket keeps reminding me that most everyone could use new winter knits this year and so a few more moments of warm weather and an excuse to be inside is fine by me.

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magnolia (kitty makes three)

Two weeks ago, right around dinner time I got a call (actually it was a message on FB) we have been waiting for since we heard that a friends cat was to have kittens.  The kids, Poppa and I  have missed having a cat around and so we were all ready to have a mischievous but hopefully sweet and cuddly little kitten in our home again.  My dear friend Allison had sent me a picture of three sweet little faces and as soon as I saw her cute little grey face I hoped we could pick her.  The kids were all in agreement and this ensued the search for a name.  Suggestions were given by all of my children.   Some funny, some completely off the wall and some really worth thinking about.   What’s in a name right?  Oh dear but my family loves coming up with the perfect name and we will likely be saying her name quite a bit and so after much negotiation and trying out a name by trying it out many many times, we settled on Magnolia.

The name covered many of our suggestions.  Maggie for the actress who plays the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey,  Magnolia for being one of my favorite flowers and it was somewhat close to Magneto which the boys were pulling for.

We have all been getting our kitty kisses and hugs and definitely trying to keep her out of trouble.  In such a big house its a feat to know where she is and what she might be getting into.  An aluminum ball seems to be her favorite thing right now and pouncing on anything she feels bigger than.

Our dog Stu had only to sniff her once to accept her into the family however, Sol the black lab is not so sure she shouldn’t be a good replacement for a squirrel and I am keeping an eye on the looks he gives her.  We keep him held if he is inside and he is spending a lot of time outside where he loves to be near the chickens or in the breezeway until he learns how to behave around Miss Magnolia.

She of course sees no danger around and watching her scamper and bounce around is so much fun.  It feels as though she was always meant to be ours and she is probably going to be a very spoiled cat.  I especially enjoy when she is tired and just happy to sit and cuddle with me.

And back to the subject of fall, since it seems to be the biggest thing on my mind, I brought out my bread recipe again.  Not our usual wheat loaf you can see here but the kind I make for soup and stews and all the wonderful things that I will be cooking as soon as it is cooler.  It made for a warm kitchen but the oohs and aahs from the kids were confirmation that it was time to start making our soup bread again.  Crusty on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside.   A big pat of butter and we are all happy as can be.  Its always the simple things that make us happy.

And for now our job as kitty parents is just to enjoy her little kitten face before she grows into a real cat as Mateo says and all the adventures and funny things she will get into before then.

Ragdoll kitten ragdoll cat


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