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Bobbles for my babies

These were so much fun to make. They are so simple and sweet and my girls could not wait until they were dry to hold them. Here is Ronnie modeling one. This one was actually for a customer but I am making some that look like my girls.

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Happy Birthday Little People

Today is the second anniversary of my creating these cute little wooden people. I first made these to give my kids some personalized little people to use with my vintage collection of Fisher Price Little People houses. A few months later a neighbor saw them and told me I should sell them in my store.
I have now created more than 50 of these custom made little people usually copying a family from the picture they send me. Here are some of the ones I have made in the past.

These are the type of gifts that I love to give. I hope that every little (and big) kid who has received one of my creations feel as special as these little people.

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